The Simpsons Mocks About Trump’s Actions These First 100 Days

Let’s Say It Hasn’t Been So Positive

As President Trump wraps his first 100 Days in office on Saturday, The Simpsons grace us with a present. The show came up with a video showing what happens behind the scene in the White House. It really seems that things are not going well for the Donald.

The Simpson predicted Trump’s presidency 17 years ago in an episode titled Bart to the Future. The Simpsons will return on Sunday, May 21 to our tvs.

100 days in office celebration? Not quite.

On Saturday the Trump administration will achieve the 100 first days in Presidency, and there’s still a couple of hundreds of days to come. Usually, the first 100 days in office define the success of any presidency, and as Trump celebrates his first 100 many Americans feel like there’s no celebration at all.

The first 100 were full of the botched travel ban, the aborted health care bill, and the tension-threatening-with-war-with North-Korea thing. We cannot leave aside Trump’s catchy phrase of 2017, “fake news.”

However, White Press Secretary Sean Spicer would likely disagree and Trump is going to celebrate his achievements in this period for sure. These achievements include banning former administration officials from lobbying, permitting the Keystone pipeline, and pulling out of TPP. He has also refused to accept a president’s salary.

But despite the Presidential team taking a victory lap, The Simpsons offer up more of a slap. The show released a video which shows the real estate tycoon turned commander in chief in chaotic times. And it’s rather dark.

This is how it goes

First, Sean Spicer quits and hangs himself. Kellyanne Conway petrifies as she finds the former White House Press Secretary and runs aways from the scene as she refuses to replace him. Then, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are choking each other. While the President is resting in his bed and patting himself on the back.

Trump recalls his achievements in the first 100 days in a victory voice tone, “Lowered my golf handicap, increased my Twitter followers by 700, and finally, we can shoot hibernating bears — my boys will love that!”

As the video draws attention to the infamous permits for shooting hibernating bears it also mocks Trump’s hair, a recurrent mock by his critics. As the Donald gets ready to sleep an official comes in and handles him the bill that reduces taxes for only Republicans and the President refuses to read it as he can catch up later on Fox News about it.

Moving on, we see Ivanka Trump who has her own fair of backlash. In the video, she becomes the Supreme Court judge and uses the platform to promote her clothing. Back at the Simpsons house, Homer and Marge are watching the dread news as Grandpa is taken away by armed police to his place of origin making reference to Trump’s immigration policy.

The video ends pointing out the fact that we have only completed less than 10% of the Trump administration. Donald Trump has called his first hundred days an “artificial barrier” and “not very meaningful.” Well, it doesn’t seem so for the Trump administration who has invested a lot of effort into projecting all the work and achievements.



Trolling Trump.

For a president that stated many times throughout his campaign, and off it, that the world was laughing at American’s politicians he’s become the laughingstock of the world.

Trump has been a recurrent subject in the media and critics for his strange claims and ways. Saturday Night Live has had a non-stopping sketch trolling not only Trump but Sean Spicer and even his two older boys. Ivanka Trump has also had his share of backlash on Trump SNL.

In a weekly base, Alec Baldwin mocks Trump‘ administration’s week. Melissa McCarthy also makes appearances to mock Sean Spicer and his not-at-all-subtle-ways-with-the-press. And this is not in the US, Trump has also been mocked from politicians and celebrities in foreign countries.

In February, the Swedish Foreign Minister tweeted about “fake news” being the phrase of 2017. This came after President Trump made a strange claim of something terrible happening in Sweden. After the President made the claim and failed to specify what had happened memes and jokes flooded the internet. People shared their views about what supposedly had happened with pictures of ABBA as Star Troopers, Ikea selling walls and so on.

But these jokes and memes are a way of reflecting o the President’s ways as part of the discussion. In the Golden Globes awards, Meryl Streep graced us with a powerful speech on Trump’s and his actions, recalling the infamous incident in which Trump mocked a disabled journalist.

The thing is that this mocks and jokes are not disrespectful of the presidency, they are a call-out on his disrespectful ways to address others, whether his peers or citizens. Most of all are a call out for him to properly fulfill the place he was granted by the people.

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