“The Simpsons” Declare “Being Right Sucks” After Predicting Donald Trump’s Presidency 16 Years Ago

Because Being Right Is Not Always A Good Thing

They did it, they predicted Trump’s triumph, and they’re not glad about it. As in many different occasions, the show made a prophecy, and it has now come true. “The Simpsons” predicted things throughout the years such as a voting booth malfunction opposing Obama, in 2008’s episode “Treehouse of Horror XIX”; the white tiger’s attack to Roy, in a 1993 episode; and the size of the “god particle”, that was confirmed in 2013, but Homer found it first in  “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace.”

This time they got right the result of the election. In the episode “Bart To The Future,” aired 16 years ago, that shows Lisa as US president, she makes reference to an inherited budget crunch from Trump. They also made reference to Trump’s real life run for the presidency last year in a short clip called Trumptastic Voyage.

Image credit: Youtube
Image credit: Youtube

So now, in the first episode aired since the Republican’s leader won the election.

The creators threw a reference to their previous forecast. In the credits, Bart is seen writing on the chalkboard “Being right sucks”, that expresses the creator’s feelings about their latest prophecy.

Image credit: Youtube
Image credit: Youtube

Dan Greaney, the show’s writer, explained how the prediction of a Trump presidency came about.

He says that it was a warning to America. They needed Lisa to have problems beyond her fixing. So they came with the idea of Trump as a president, as it seemed crazy enough. Matt Groening said that Trump was the most absurd placeholder joke name they could think of.


They keep getting it right, but sometimes it’s not funny at all.

The chalkboard which is often used to make fun of celebrities, now shows the creators’ feeling about their prediction.



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