Lady Gaga Slayed The Coachella Stage As First Female Headliner In A Decade

Gaga Not Only Owned The Stage But She Surprised Her Fans With Brand New Single

Lady Gaga surprised fans at Coachella by dropping a new single called The Cure. The pop diva took the stage almost at midnight on Saturday. She delivered an electrifying set that included the old, the recent and the brand new.

The Little Monster icon debuted as a headliner after Beyoncé pulled off from the Indio festival. Gaga’s new song is her first new music since Joanne’s album last year.

Gaga taking Coachella.

Lady Gaga became the first female solo artist to headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in a decade. At first, Beyoncé was headlining the festival, but she pulled off following doctor’s advice to keep it easy as she’s pregnant with twins and an almost two hours performance wouldn’t be so good.

So, Gaga jumped in and the Lemonade singer is headlining Coachella next year.  Gaga had just a month and a half of preparations for the big event before taking the stage on Saturday night.

She kicked off around 11:30 ready to deliver the very best for “the heavyweights at Coachella,” as she called them, with a video montage featuring the singer fighting an enormous tentacle.

Gaga’s performance was an exchange between songs from her previous albums and Joanne’s making a total of a 19 tracks set-list.The diva kicked off with a military-esque look, a black leather jacket, and a hat, to perform LoveGame, John Wayne, and Just Dance.

She took over the piano and sang some slower songs, her 2011 hit You and I and the 2009 ballad Speechless and Born This Way.

She also sang her duet with Beyoncé ‘Telephone’ and even though people were expecting at least cameo of Queen Bey, it didn’t happen it was just her voice. Then she energized the crowd singing Applause and close her set with Poker Face and Bad Romance.

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The Cure

Gaga surprised fans by dropping a brand new song which comes as her very first work since Joane’s release last year. Maybe she decided to treat fans with a new song since she knew the big spot she was filling, however, she delivered a huge show totally worthy of a Coachella headlining.

The singer premiered a catchy pop tune with EDM undertones halfway through her 90-minute performance. Just before debuting the song she said, “I have been through so much in my life and I’ve seen so much. And you cure me every time with your love.”

In The Cure, Gaga sings in the chorus, “If I can’t find the cure, I’ll / I’ll fix you with my love / No matter what you know, I’ll / I’ll fix you with my love.”

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New project coming in

Lady Gaga already has her hands on a new project, the remake of A Star Is Born along with Bradley Cooper. The upcoming movie is Cooper’s  directing debut and Gaga’s first major role.

The movie will give a fresh new look to the story that follows a singer’s star rising in the showbiz as quickly as her troubled love/mentor’s star is falling.The script was written by Eric Roth, and produced by Billy Gerber, Todd Phillips, Lynette Howell Tayor and Jon Peters. Bradley Cooper also produces and directs.

Recently, Sam Elliot was cast as the benevolent mentor. According to Cooper, he had already thought the role for the Netflix series The Ranch actor.

The project is set to begin filming in April, in fact, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will film at the Coachella fairgrounds Tuesday, April 18 and Wednesday, April 19.

Gaga invited fans to join them in buying tickets for the event, which are available right now. The scenes will portray a Country Western music concert. The proceeds from the event will go to Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

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