The First Trailer For The ‘Book Of Henry’ Just Came Out And We Are Dying

This Film Looks So Perfect, I Can’t Wait To See It

The Book of Henry trailer was released on Thursday and it’s really something. Focus Features released the movie’s very first trailer late this week, showing Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay, and Jaeden Lieberher incredible and intriguing story.

The story is also the big screen’s debut of the crazy talented Maddie Ziegler, who happens to be Henry’s crush. The movie is out on June 16th.


The Book of Henry.

A way too wise 11-year-old, Henry, discovers some dark secrets involving his neighbor and his crush. He’s determined to help her and comes up with a plan which he writes down in a book.

The intriguing story has an A-plus cast including some veterans and increidbly talented kids. The video already has over 600 k views.

Suburban life.

For what we can learn in the first trailer of the movie, Henry is a precious boy who takes care of everyone, including his neighbour Christina who seems to be in big trouble.

The Carpenter family lives in a suburban town where Henry’s mother, Susan, manages to raise her boys as a single mother while she works as a waitress.

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Things are not what they seem.

Henry seemed to discover an awful true about the next door family involving the little girl, Christina, and her step-father who’s no less than the police commiserate.

Determined to help her, Henry comes up with a plan to do so, which he writes in his book, only he needs his mother help to go through.

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The movie centers on Susan and her boys, in a quite unpredictable story that shows the journey as a parent. The family dramma was directed by Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow.

It stars Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay, and Jaeden Lieberher as the main charcaters, and Lee Pace and Dean Norris. Maddie Ziegler makes her acting debute in a role that seems quite a challenge, protraying the troubled girl next door.

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Journey as a parent.

Naomi Watt’s new movie will sure be an emotional roller coaster. Even when the title of the film suggest that’s all about Henry the story finds its way through Naomi’s character somehow.

Trevorrow said that it really is about her journey as a parent and about fightinh the human instintc of using violence and helping others instead. The Book of Henry premieres on June 16

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Source: Daily Mail


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