Anne Hathaway Is All Up For Wearing Sustainable Fashion During Her Press Tour

Just Like Emma Watson This Girl Is Setting The Example For Environmental Care

Penny Lovell, Anne Hathaway’s stylist, announced the star would stick strictly to eco-friendly options during her press tour for the upcoming film, Colossal. It seems like this pair is trying to follow Emma Watson’s steps by creating consciousness in public.

The news was revealed via Instagram, a platform where the actress and her stylist started to post several pictures that showed Hathaway wearing recycled dresses. The first gown was from an old Armani Privé collection, stay tuned to find out what this two have planned for the entire press tour.

Anne Hathaway. Credits: ClassPass.

Anne is Following Emma Watson’s lead

A few months ago, Emma Watson became a controversial topic when she decided to go for eco-friendly options, which she started to wear for the red carpets. The actress revolutionized the concept of creating consciousness during The Beauty and The beast press tour and now, Anne Hathaway and her stylist have decided to follow her steps for the Colossal press tour.

Anne Hathaway wearing a spring 2006 Armani Privé gown. Credits: Fashion Sizzle.

From now on the star will be wearing eco-friendly options

For the first stop of the Colossal press tour, this pair went for a great option by wearing a stunning spring 2006 Armani Privé gown featuring an asymmetrical ruffle on the neckline. The final touch of Anne’s outfit was an enamel clutch from Edie Parker.

She is colossal

On this occasion, the excuse is to promote the new film of science fiction, action, suspense and comedy in which Anne will play the lead role. “All of her choices for this tour are sustainable and will be either vintage pieces or archival runway looks,” Lovell explained. But these awesome initiatives shouldn’t be a marketing technique, instead, it should become part of everyone’s the daily outfits.

In the meanwhile let’s eulogize the stars who are trying to change the world’s perspective on sustainable clothe and hopefully more people will join the cause in a near future.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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