People Think Gigi and Bella Hadid British Vogue Photo Was ‘Creepy’

Twitter Users Did Not Stay Quiet About The Naked Photo

Who doesn’t know the famous models Bella and Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid? These sisters have beautified catwalks for the most famous designers. We all like to see them in magazines, but this time the reaction was different.

Scandal on Twitter

On January 28th, British Vogue showed the public what will the covers for its March 2018 issue be. This time they’ll have two different covers. Each will be represented by the Hadid sisters. Vogue revealed its covers, in black and white.

The much-criticized photo was taken by photographer Steven Meisel. We can see Bella naked, while Gigi poses her leg in front of her younger sister. The models look at the camera with a thoughtful look, while Bella holds Gigi’s left ankle.

This shot is not very different from previous photographs taken by the veteran of Vogue photography, Annie Leibovitz. Still, it was criticized by several photographers.

What is the real reason for this criticism? Most fans aren’t happy because the models are biological sisters who are posing sensually naked. This is a problem.

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Vogue in a controversy

The sisters haven’t reacted in any way through their social networks, ignoring this situation. Scandals have already happened to these sisters, for example, Gigi’s video posted by her sister where many people speculate that she was making fun of Asians. Gigi apologized to all her fans on her Weibo account. Saying: “It hurts me to hurt someone. I want everyone to know that my intention was never to offend anyone through my actions and I sincerely apologize to those who were injured or felt disappointed.”

It is not yet confirmed if messages from Chinese fans were those that influenced her decision to withdraw from the show in Shanghai.

No doubt the photographer who captured this image did not intend for people to take it in any other way. But this does not mean that these models do not continue to be the boom of the catwalks. Definitely of the controversies, nobody is saved.

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