Gucci Milan Catwalk Was Insane, Including Replica Heads And Dragons

Will This Be The New Trend That Defines 2018?

The Italian brand Gucci a few years ago recognized for its luxury and glamour. Now its recognized as one of the most outstanding fashion houses in the world.

This year’s Milan Fashion Week celebrates its unique and different style, which has marked the brand’s relevance. Creative director Alessandro Michele gives us some philosophy classes about the season that adorns the catwalk.

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The perspective of innovation

This season we see Alessandro very much like a velvet sofa with a backdrop of screens covered with delicate heron paintings. He took the time to explain this post-humanism and hybridization that has marked this latest collection.

Part of his inspiration, he said, was the 1984 A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway. An essay that questions the boundaries between humans, animals, and machines.

“He talks about the relationship between being and becoming. About what we are and what we want to become,” he said, adding: “We are Doctor Frankenstein of our lives. Foucault theories about the dangers of categorization and identity. As a biopolitics control device “

Hybridization on the catwalk

On the catwalk, all these ideas that came to life were a turn to success, becoming the most dazzling Gucci show so far. The bottom of the catwalk was designed exclusively to resemble an operating room. Between floor and walls covered with PVC, painted in that characteristic blue that we only see in a hospital. A reality that is immersed in fashion. Looking very realistic with details like real surgical beds, with circular operation lights hanging over them.

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Taking the accessories game over the next level

The accessories on this catwalk were not handbags. Highlights in particular two models who wore a life-size copy of their own heads. You could also see a model that wore a pair of horns, another posed with a third eye on the forehead.

Also featuring the snake that has appeared in Gucci designs these last seasons.If that wasn’t enough, some others had baby dragons in their arms. Will this be the new trend in accessories for 2018?

The genre clichés were broken in this show. The more stereotypically masculine looks, like leather jackets, were combined with eyeliner or big golden earrings with tiny silk shorts. While the jumpers wore sensually in the body of the models. Decorated with diamond strips and applied crystals.

A catwalk that stood out in this Milan’s Fashion Week. Waiting for the innovation of fashion with the modernism of the time!

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