Lorde Doesn’t Have Time For Unsolicited Acne Advised

Just Honey And Cleanser Will Not Cure Acne, People

Having a sensitive skin is difficult and annoying as the usual routine of people with their advice trying to help you. Some look at your acne and offer some home-made advice. Some miraculous turmeric weird paste or how a simple exfoliant can change your life.

Let’s be honest, it’s probably not the first time we’ve heard that. It’s a very repetitive conversation and the stars aren’t protected from this. Like famous singer Lorde. She shared the frustrations of acne through Instagram, joking a bit about the subject. Teaching not to tell people who fight against skin conditions.

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Glowing lights bathe Lorde

In the first video that Lorde publishes subtitled “Acne light with the magical tones.” in which we see the singer bathed in blue and red lights. In the next video she jokes saying “For real though, acne sucks.”

She takes her skin problems calmly and having a bit of humor with the whole situation. Lorde tells a little about the people who give her advice about skin care. The singer has heard a thousand and one pieces of advice on this very annoying topic. People with acne know a lot about the subject, so a recipe for homemade recipes is not as functional for them.

“You know what else sucks?” she asks. “When you’ve had acne for years and years and years, done all the drugs, tried all the things, and people are still like, ‘You know what worked for me: moisturizing.'”

Myths about acne homemade recipes

She makes fun of all these unnecessary tips and suggestions that she receives daily. Lorde tells her fans some of the examples she has heard for years: “make a mask with honey, Greek yogurt, and avocado.”

The next video that lasts two seconds she doesn’t stop repeating the cliché products that the beauty industry has taken for years. “All you have to do is buy an apricot scrub.” But nothing like the effective: “coconut oil, the secret is coconut oil.” No doubt has gone through many products, but for her, these are the most common and less work.

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When genetic curses you

Lorde continues to say that she is shocked when people assume that the person is dirty and give her advice, suggesting that they try to use a cleanser in the morning. And the very worst one, of course, is when people think you’re just dirty. “Do you wash your face?’ It’s like ‘Yes, I wash my face, I’m just genetically cursed.’ “

Apart from the jokes and putting seriousness into the subject, the singer concluded the story on a positive note. She gave support to all his followers who fight against their own skin problems. “For everyone out there who got bad skin – and current bad skin, not just the kind of bad skin you can just use a fancy cream for a few days and it’ll get better – I feel your pain,” she says, knowing they understand exactly where she’s coming from and the frustration she feels. “We’ll get there. I promise.”

All of her Twitter fans felt her pain and shared their story, adding their own experiences. “Why is @lorde me when people talk to me about acne,” one user wrote.

This is the human side of the artists, like all of us, she can suffer from these problems and insecurities. That they share these anecdotes with their fans make them create a more real connection. Lorde is beautiful as the way she is!

Lorde Acne
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