The Aesthetic Technologies Changing the Face of the Industry

The Aesthetic Technologies Changing the Face of the Industry

Technology is revolutionizing every part of our lives and the beauty and aesthetics fields are no exception. More sophisticated and advanced technologies and processes are enabling a revolution in aesthetic treatments. While the field itself is undergoing massive change so are patient demands and expectations. According to recent estimates, almost 60% of consumers are considering laser- and light-based energy treatments for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. In addition to this, about half are seeking on-surgical, minimally evasive energy-based solutions to improve skin problems such as acne or scars. And these are just a sample from a wide range of ever-increasing aesthetic treatment trends.

As more people are expected to hear about the rise of non-surgical options and the benefits associated with them through media outlets, social media and word of mouth, these procedures are expected to grow even more. What are the top technologies creating this hype? Dynamic Pulse Control, VermaDerm, Radio Frequency, and Lasers. And while they all might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, the science behind them is quite easy to understand and their clinical effectiveness has been highlighted in a number of researches.

Dynamic Pulse Control enables effective hair removal

A study looking at the effectiveness of Dynamic Pulse Control technologies in photo epilation, while small scale has still shown great promise. Excessive or unwanted body hair can have a lot of impact on both men and women and many times can be complicated or inconvenient to get rid of. Laser and energy hair removal has been growing in popularity in North America and beyond due to its praised advantages of being gentle on the skin and offering long-term hair reduction.

The Dynamic Pulse Control technology can further improve results by being able to control the safety and overall efficacy of photo epilation. As a matter of fact, the 40 study participants both male and female with all skin types took part in only 4 treatment sessions performed every 3 months or so reported visible effective hair removal and high levels of satisfaction in terms to procedure and results. As many as 75% had good immediate skin reactions.

VermaDerm – one of the most effective ways of administering aesthetic treatments

According to specialists, VermaDerm has the potential to rejuvenate and tighten skin and address body contouring needs. Leveraging infrared rays, the technology works by penetrating the skin in a manner that allows for increased control over temperature. Basically, as soon as the skin heats up, the collagen contracts, thus having a tightening effect on the skin. Research has shown that the more cycles of heat are applied, the more firmness and tightness is achieved.

Radiofrequency, the most recent skin-rejuvenation treatment

Skin rejuvenation has been significantly growing in popularity hence the introduction of a number of devices on the market that claim benefits. Used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other technologies, radiofrequency uses electric currents to deliver energy in the form of heat. This can have multiple applications due to the fact that it triggers the production of collagen and similar to VermaDerm it can also contract it, enabling the skin to be rejuvenated.

In studies looking at acne, radiofrequency treatment in combination with intense pulsed light has shown worthy improvements in sebum reduction by selectively destroying the glands and reducing pore size. The number and size of lesions was also reduced.

The emergence of laser-based treatments

Lasers have been deemed to be powerful tools in skincare. Whether it’s hair removal, wrinkle reduction, treatment of acne scars, age spots and moles and even tattoo removal or teeth whitening, laser machines use a source of light to accurately and effectively target specific areas and issues. However, all of this depends on having the right equipment and the appropriate energy for every individual patient.

A good example is tattoo removal. Traditionally, this process involved a number of very destructive techniques such as dermabrasion, chemical destruction, and even surgical excision. Laser machines have changed the game here.

The global aesthetic market is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years. To stay at the front of both patient satisfaction and business success, practices need to anticipate future demands and continuously evaluate their mix of treatments. Luckily for everyone, leading manufacturers such as SharpLight already have in place a solution for this: one workstation with multiple applications.

This means that staying abreast of the most recent aesthetic trends is now easier than ever if clinics and practices invest in the right equipment. The future already appears to denote the fusion of beauty and cutting-edge medical services.

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