Roger Waters Starts His Concert With An Anti-Trump Theme [VIDEO]

No Filter Needed.

Trump had quite a presidential welcoming. Not only civilians marched against him but also several artists took a stand against him in different ways. Pink Floyd’s co-founder was not the exception. Following Trump’s Inauguration on Friday, Roger Waters released the official video of “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”.

The artist shared via Facebook an incendiary video addressing Trump. As if the song and the video weren’t clear enough, he added a note saying “The resistance begins today.” If that’s not protesting, then I don’t know what is.


The resistance begins today

Roger Waters, posted the official video of the epic 1997 song on Trump’s inauguration Day. The video was a part of the footage from his October concert in Mexico City. Showing anti-Trump visuals and the legendary floating pig in all its glory, it already has over 40k views.

“Pigs (Three Different Ones)”

It’s amazing how a classic song never gets old, especially when it has a huge message. The 1977 Pink Floyd song is the perfect example of it. The Animals’ album song has gained more and more importance and has become a legendary classic. “Pigs” is part of a three-part album,  that includes “Dogs” and “Sheep.” The song represents people at the top of the social ladder, the powerful ones with money, that manipulate society to remain in power.

The song has turned into a political anthem since it presents a raw portrait of ultra-wealthy people like Trump. The legendary song took an even more incendiary vibe during Waters’ performance in Mexico City, where 300,000 Mexicans sang the lyrics while protesting Trump in Zocalo Square.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are.

During the song, visuals accompanied the legendary track. Massive video screens showed images made by artists featuring Trump with a gun, making the Nazi salute and surrounded by KKK members. A floating pig that read “f*ck Trump and his wall,” completed the scene.

Some of Trump’s most controversial quotes were on a large video screen, written in Spanish. Including the most recent sexual scandal, statements about the wall, his doubts about global warming, his assertions about 09 /11,  and his famous “I’ve always had a great relationship with blacks.”

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Waters wrapped up his performance with what was for sure a viral expression in Mexico this year.  “Trump eres un pendejo,” which translates to “Trump you’re an as*h*le.”

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

“Together we stand, divided we fall.”

In the same concert back in October Waters gave Trump the final slam. During the performance of “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)” Water was joined onstage by a group of Mexican children. The children wore t-shirts that read “Tear Down The Wall.” Then he said, “We don’t want a wall that separates us from our sister, our mother earth, or from each other.”

The rocker made his position towards Trump pretty clear and took his protest with him everywhere this past year. Back in October at the Desert Trip Waters set loose the floating pig again. Only this time it read on one side “ignorant, lying, racist, sexist, pig” making reference to Trump, and “f–k Donald Trump and his wall”, and on the other side a more optimistic slogan “together we stand, divided we fall.”

Four long years are ahead, but artists are inspiring others to stand up for their beliefs.

Image Credit: Rolling Stone
Image Credit: Rolling Stone


Source: Rolling Stone


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