Listen To ‘Thank Your For Today’, Death Cab For Cutie’s New Album

What A Nice Surprise

After 21 years around, and for the first time without Chris Walla and with two new members, Death Cab For Cutie is about to release their ninth album. The band has shifted through so many changes in life, and Ben Gibbard has always made sure to put his experiences in music. Love, heartbreaks, broken friendships, and other relatable topics, some of which we might or might not have dealt with.

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Thank Your For Today shows us what comes after the storm. How you try to return to normal and find out everything has changed. Guess that can happen to anybody, no matter how young or old you are. This is all happening just a few days before the band’s first album 20th anniversary, so expect a few experiences from Gibbard.

We first hear three singles: Gold Rugh, I Dreamt We Spoke Again and Autumn Love. And they are way too good to be true.

Listen to the singles here:

Gold Rush

I Dreamt We Spoke Again

Autumn Love

And now…

Even though the album will be officially released on August 17 (three days from now), National Public Radio (NPR) just gave us the most amazing gift. Death Cab decided to stream the whole album on NPR’s website! And you can listen to it over here.

Maybe we though that after founding member Chris Walla moved on and left the band, Death Cab For Cutie would never be the same (in a bad way). But hey, if you listen to Thank You For Today you’ll not regret it. You can listen to new members Dave Depper and Zac Rae’s (initially touring members) contributions.

With 10 songs, this album has just the right amount of nostalgic happiness you need. Warning: weird feelings, goosebumps, and maybe tears are a possibility while listening to Thank You For Today. But, all in all, you won’t regret a single second of this album.


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