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Ariana Grande Drops Single And A Very Empowering Music Video

Body Paint, Galaxies, Haters, Gophers, And More

As you all know, it’s been an amazing week when it comes to music, with twenty one pilots’ comeback, Childish Gambino’s surprise singles, and Ariana Grande gives us her new single God is a woman, with a very interesting music video out of this world.

The video is so aesthetically satisfying it kind of hurts

First, we see Grande hula hooping a galaxy, looking great and sexy.

Via: Popsugar

And the next thing you know is that she’s only wearing body paint with half of her body underwater, where it looks like a bath bomb of watercolor has exploded.

Via: YouTube

And as a group of white men (sexist internet trolls and haters) literally throw words like fake, dumb, stupid, and hoe, Grande just sits there, not caring about what they say, as the words bounce off of her, representing the lines:

And I can be all the things you told me not to be

When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing

Via: YouTube

Stopping abruptly

The video goes on with Grande dancing seductively in the fire of a candle, and then with two different and curious breaks. One being before the second verse, in which at least ten gophers pop our of their holes and start screaming.

The other stops the music just when the pre-chorus is about to end. Ariana seems to have some kind of stylized batting helmet, gloves that spell the word “power”, and an oversized gavel she holds as a bat, while mouthing the Ezekiel 25:17 passage that Samuel L. Jackson made famous in Pulp Fiction, actually recited by Madonna, but with a slight change. Instead of saying “brothers”, she says “sisters”, which gets you in the feminist mood of the song and video.

Taking us to church

As it all goes down and the instrumentals fade, we can see Grande surrounded but a large group of ladies, all wearing white gowns while they all chant a capella “God is a woman, yeah”.

Via: Billboard

Ending with a “You’ll believe God is a woman” in her version of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, in which God gives life to Adam. But the twist here is that she IS God.

Via: Life and City

Why is this so important?

Arianna Grande wanted to send out a very important message:

The song and video can come off to some as explicit, because they are, but that’s kind of the whole point, and she took the time to make this happen. Reminding everyone that female sexuality, sensuality, and power exist is important, and people need to understand that.

Having a sweet, sensual, and strong voice seducing us and basically telling us that sex is the source of life, and that women can give life to anything, is everything we needed to feel completely empowered, important, relevant, and sexy.

Grande’s upcoming fourth studio album Sweetener will be released on August 17 and it’s based on her personal experiences this past two years. After these singles, we can honestly say: in Ariana we trust.

Via: iTunes

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