Michelle Obama’s Reaction To Melania Trump’s Gift Is A Priceless Meme

We Feel You Sister

Michelle Obama’s reacted as any sane person would have.

The former First Lady ruled the reaction game on Friday and gave us an epic and new meme. Michelle’s face when she received a Tiffany box from Melania Trump, was just priceless, and people are freaking out about it.

Just before leaving the White House the former First Lady graced us with a funny yet weird moment that resulted in an avalanche of memes.


During Trump’s Inauguration Day, the soon the Obama’s received the new President and his wife at the White House. So far, so good.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Presidential greetings.

The Obamas received the Trumps and exchanged kisses and greetings.First, Melania Trump tried to shake Michelle Obama’s hands and received a warm kiss instead, which freaked her out a liltle bit.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Catastrophe coming up.

After the warm kiss, Melania showed Michelle a huge blue Tiffany box. The face of the former First Lady was priceless, and everything that happened afterwards was even better.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Struggling with the box.

This Inauguration had it all, first, Michelle struggling to find a place for Melania’s present., and then Bush struggling wth a rain poncho. The former First Lady struggled to decide what to do with the present and failed at it.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Bring up the memes.

Once Obama noticed his wife desperation, he took care of the situation and finally, they had their Presidential picture. Of course, that only marked the beginning of an epic meme battle revolving around Michelle’s reaction.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Let’s replay the whole situation

Of course, social media exploited after the awkward encounter

People started talking about the really awkward moment.

But come on! Michelle Obama’s face was just priceless, it even looks like a Parks and Recreation’s scene.

Others joked about Melania’s abilities.

And others came up with the funniest scenarios.

At last, Michelle’s expressions were the most accurate mood representation of the whole inauguration.


Source: BuzzFeed



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