Trevor Noah Just Destroyed Donald Trump’s Tape [VIDEO]

If you were just waiting for the debate on Sunday to be controversy-free, I guess you were wrong. After the release of a 2005 tape, in which Donald Trump talks about how he forces himself on women, Trump’s controversy got to a whole new level.

Even Republicans who supported Trump, said enough is enough. Trevor Noah took things into matter in The Daily Show. He said “The Trump tape shouldn’t offend you on behalf of females, it should offend you as a human being”

After the video went viral, Trump supporters defended him, saying that it was just locker room talk. But trying to make seem normal these offenses is wrong. Besides, when it comes to Trump is not just locker room talk, is the way he conducts himself in life, which he incites political violence.

On the bright side, Billy Bush who acted as a gross wingman in the tape was suspended indefinitely.

Watch Trevor Noah analyze the situation and in a funny and yet accurate way.





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