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This Is Definitely The Best Cat Webcomic Ever Made!

“Do Not Fall Asleep, Hu-Man”

If you like comics, funny things, and cats, then How To Cat is just the comic for you.

Having a cat can be both very funny and very annoying. But more than that, it’s an experience. And if you don’t have one, you still know all of this thanks to the massive amount of kitty videos there is on the internet nowadays.

But cats are more than just majestic, graceful creatures. They can be loving, active, fun, and, for the most part, nonsense. From bathing in front of your food, to waking up at 3:00am and running all over the house. And, of course, we always thin to ourselves: “what are these lovable animals thinking?”.

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American cartoonist Lucas Turnbloom, author of the graphic novel series Dream Jumper, tells the story of how he started to draw a journal about his cat’s adventures after his wife insisted him to put it online. Spoiler alert: it’s hilarious!

In 2017, my wife and I rescued a sweet, yet rambunctious little cat. A few months later I started a webcomic loosely-based on her adventures called, ‘How to Cat.’

The comic was originally intended to be an inside joke for my wife and I, but she insisted that I put it on the internet and share it with the world. The strip seems to have found an audience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – which is incredible.

I’m so happy people have found joy in this silly little comic. I hope to continue it for years to come.

Well, Lucas, seems like we should be thanking your wife instead, because the world needed to see this.

Here’s some of the best How To Cat

NEW COMIC: Playing with food!

Una publicación compartida de Lucas Turnbloom (@lucasturnbloom) el

NEW comic: CRITICAL STRIKE! (Based off a true story — wrote this after my arm was shredded)

Una publicación compartida de Lucas Turnbloom (@lucasturnbloom) el

You can continue this cat’s journey through her domestic life here. You can also follow Lucas Turnbloom on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon, where he posts more How To Cat comics Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And if you catch him on Instagram, make sure you see “The Adventures of Mewie: A Star Wars Parody”, awesome four posts Turnbloom made in honor of the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, in which Chewbacca is actually a wookat (instead of a wookie) called Mewie.


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