Celebrate International Cat Day With These Accounts

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Ragdoll, Bengal, Persian, Siamese, Munchkin, Maine Coon, or Sphynx. We don’t care. We love them, we hug them, we worship them. Maybe they do the same. Maybe they don’t. But who cares? Cats are great. And today is International Cat Day!

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This celebration was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and other animal rights groups, because they thought we should praise these felines. And they were absolutely right: we should.

So, in order to honor one of our favorite pets and the kings and queen of the Internet, we made a list of five cat-related Instagram accounts for you to follow and make your timeline ten times better.

1. smoothiethecat

Just sitting here. Judging you.

Una publicación compartida de Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat) el

First of all, here’s Smoothie, a British Longhair as sweet and smooth as… Well, a smoothie. She lives the best life there is, being pretty and all. She’s a very playful, non-arrogant queen and people on Instagram have been giving her love since 2016.

How could anybody resist this much fluff and cuteness! It’s impossible.

2. sukiicat

A purrrfect view 😸🏔

Una publicación compartida de Suki Cat (@sukiicat) el

Suki, on the other hand, is the queen of adventure. Vancouver, British Columbia, California, Alberta. You name it, she’s been there. This curious Bengal from Canada lives for the thrill of excursions and hikes. And, while most cats hate and fear water, she loves it.

Wild like the wildflowers 😽🌼

Una publicación compartida de Suki Cat (@sukiicat) el

Look at her enjoying nature and flowers.

3. simonscatofficial

Well, this is actually a series of animated shorts created by Simon Tofield. And their adventures are based on Tofield’s experience with his four felines: Hugh, Teddy, Jess and Maisie. The main one, the series’ protagonist is Hugh, the white, clumsy and fun character that shows us what is like to live with a human.

Bad monster bad. 🤨 _________________________________ #simonscat #cats #cutecats #animatedcats #animation #catfan #catlove #catlife #cat #catstagram #catsofworld #catsvsvacuums

Una publicación compartida de Simon’s Cat © (@simonscatofficial) el

You won’t regret following this account!

4. lucasturnbloom

Based on his cat’s adventures, Lucas Turnbloom gives life to How To Cat. Last year he decided to start publishing whatever his cat did, from a very hilarious perspective. It always escalates from the most ordinary things to something ridiculous.

And it never fails to make us laugh.

5. maxwellandpepper

Cat conference.

Una publicación compartida de Maxwell & Pepper (@maxwellandpepper) el

And last but not least, we have Maxwell and Pepper. This dynamic duo turns out to be illustrator Adam Ellis‘ cats. But their page is actually very funny. Cat-related accounts usually are amazingly beautiful and whatnot. Well, Adam decided he’d post the most awkward pictures of his cats.

You might recognize three-legged Maxwell from Ellis’ comics.


Una publicación compartida de Maxwell & Pepper (@maxwellandpepper) el


Una publicación compartida de Adam Ellis (@adamtots) el

And here’s Pepper.


Una publicación compartida de Maxwell & Pepper (@maxwellandpepper) el

Let’s face it, Adam probably just wanted to post memes about his cats.


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