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Vans Warped Tour Has Officially Ended

And Here’s The Final Song

It’s all true. After 24 years of beyond awesome music, Vans Warped Tour has come to an end. 24 summers have already gone by and now we are saying goodbye to this incredible cross-country festival.

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Blink-182, A Day To Remember, Paramore, Deftones, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, even Eminem and Katy Perry. Yes, they have all been a part of this. Through the years, many bands have been on these stages; new bands, old bands, little bands. But it’s always a privilege.

And none of us were actually ready to let go just yet. Every Time I Die was the last band to play. But after they left the stage, Jordan Buckley actually came back and performed an extended 14-minute outro to “Map Change” while the stage was being dismantled.

He wrote later on Twitter that he wanted even more time, but there was another band coming up. And then said “I will think about this on my death bed. And I guarantee I won’t not smile.” We feel you, Jordan, you’re a hero.

The end of the end of the Warped Tour

In an interview with Alternative Press, bands such as Waterparks, Underoath, State Champs, Simple Plan, were asked which song they thought was the “National Anthem” of Warped Tour. Many said Rock Show by Blink-182, other went with options like Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade, We The Kings’ Check Yes Juliet, and others. But the conclusion was Pennywise’s Bro Hymn. Even Kevin Lyman (founder and producer of Warped Tour) said it.

I feel like they will be closing the last Warped Tour with that song.

Hey, you cannot argue with Sébastien Lefebvre’s logic, because that’s what happened.

Of course, Pennywise was there again this year, as a special guest. And actually closed the whole thing with Bro Hymn.

They confirmed on Twitter that same morning that they were closing out the festival.

Witness the last song of the last Warped Tour here:

Pennywise, fans, and Lyman on stage. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

So this was it. The end of an era. Thank you, Warped Tour, for so many years of great music.

And now we’re getting post-concert depression… Times 24. People are not going to be able to sing Blink-182’s Rock Show properly anymore. That’s sad. But tell us. Did you ever get the chance to go the Warped Tour?


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