Tortilla Supermoon Memes Are Even Better Than The Real Thing.

If You Couldn’t See The Supermoon, Don’t Worry A Tortilla Will Do.

This year’s supermoon was incredible. It was the brightest and biggest the earth has seen in the past 68 years. And we may not see another supermoon as fantastic as this one until 2034. but those who missed the lunar event shouldn’t feel too bad. But don’t feel bad if you didn’t see it, there’s another solution.

The nature spectacle took social media by storm and if you weren’t able to see it you can still get a tastier substitute, and put a tortilla on your window.

Yes, this incredible idea quickly transformed into a meme and even got more attention than the phenomenon itself. The meme started to trend on Monday night in a world full of pranksters, the only criticism the pictures have received is that for some this is a waste of a perfectly good tortilla and should be used on Taco Tuesday.

So here we leave you with some of the best memes of the super-tortilla-moon.

We don’t know if the 5 seconds rule applies to them or if they got a different taste after it. Just try not to get very hungry.

Moon or tortilla?

They took the joke really serious in here but it was worth it, can you tell the difference?


This girl has a very practical solution, and as we see more than one applied it.

Isabel, you rock.

We agree with Sarah, this is one of the best ones we have seen, it’s so good even the kitty felt for it.

Somehow he blew it.

Our only complaint is that it looks like if the tortilla moon is inside the house. Sorry Al you didn’t make it.

But this girl pull it off.

The resemblance is impressive. You have a lot to learn from her Al.

Worth it.

The description in the tweet says it all, and we are on the prankster dad’s side it was worth it.

Seems pretty legit.

Nobody can believe that it is a tortilla, it looks so natural.


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