Metallica Performs Enter The Sandman With Toys in Jimmy Fallon

I Think This Is My Favorite Section Of The Show.

Metallica’s jamming with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots is a must seen! The metal band turned their ferocious 1991 classic “Enter Sandman” into a ramshackle jam.

They performed the classic with instruments alongside Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, and they really enjoyed it, as you can see in their faces. The band is releasing its 10th album on November the 18th, and they’re having a huge “Blackened Friday event”.

Oldie but goodie.

This classic song even sounds ferocious coming out of toy instruments, we love how James, Kirk and Lars can’t help but to smile while performing it. Rock on!

“Classroom instruments.”

That’s how the segment of the show is called, in which the musical guest of the episode performs alongside Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. They generally play a hit but instead of using the common instruments they use toy instruments. And it’s awesome!

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Having fun while jamming with Jimmy!

These artists have jammed to a different beat with Jimmy: Miley Cyrus performed “We Can’t Stop,” Idina Menzel performed “Let It Go,” Adele performed her huge hit “Hello.” Even the Muppets have sung in this fun segment of the show!

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube


Sometimes even actors join the jamming session, in this case, Natalie Portman joined Jimmy, the Roots, and Sia to perform “Iko, iko.” And they made quite a show.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube



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