20 Hilarious Tweets About Going On A First Date, #13 Is So True!

For All Of You Out There In The Dating World, You Are Not Alone

When you start dating someone, it’s all about getting to know each other, and mostly making a good impression of ourselves. But sometimes things don’t work out they way we planned them. On the first date, things could go either really good or really wrong.

If you genuinely like the person you went out with, you’re most likely to be nervous, especially if you don’t know them that much. There’s always a bit of awkwardness, as you try to say and do the right thing the other person might be right there wondering why you have that crazy look on your face.

So we are here to present you with 20 relatable and funny facts that everyone has gone through when dating.

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20. When you are so nervous you make things up.

Any girl would be impressed with this one.

19. That moment you try to make a good impression.

But you really have no any idea of what you’re talking about.

18. The truth always comes out.

Don’t try to hide your feelings.

17. The best way to attract a female.

The sound of money.

16. We are all looking for the same thing.

You’ll find it eventually.

15. This is some really useful information.

You’ll thank us later.

14. When you just had to ask that question.

You’ve been holding it for like an eternity. Shoot it right now.

13. When your stalking skills are shown.

I can’t help it, sorry not sorry.

12. When your date can read your mind.

If it has superpowers keep it.

11. There are a few things that you might want to keep to yourself.

Just keep holding it in or go to the bathroom.

10. Sometimes you are just not on the same page.


9. Life or death questions.

Answer wisely.

8. Sometimes is not about the person you are dating.


7. When you have things in common.

It’s great to have an instant connection.

6. And you were wondering why you didn’t get to the second date.

It’s too obvious.

5. When they push your buttons.

Well, at least you tried.

4. It’s important to show people what you’re into.

No matter what it is.

3. I hate it when this happens.

Dont’ you?

2. Isn’t that what 911 is for?

Worst scenario ever.

1. Fake it until you make it

I’m gonna try this one next time for sure.


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