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This Time Deadpool Makes Fun Of Honest Trailers

And Ryan Reynolds Is A “Unicorn Fart”

Since 2012, Screen Junkies have been making us laugh with their Honest Trailers. You might remember some of them: The Lion King, Frozen, The Spider-Man Trilogy, Breaking Bad. Well, seven seasons later, they hit us with a very special guest, once more: Deadpool. But this time, he makes fun of Honest Trailer. It’s Honest Trailer’s Honest Trailer by Deadpool. What could possibly go wrong?!

Via The AV Club

Watch Deadpool 2’s Honest Trailer (or Honest Trailer: The Honest Trailer):

Of course it’s way too funny. Deadpool interrupts this episode because he is sick and tired of these people making fun of other movies. So he decides to take justice in his own hands and make fun of them for a change. And of fans that demand Honest Trailers of movies that are still in theaters.

This is not the first time, though

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s actual Ryan Reynolds. But, as we said before, this is not the first time he’s been in Honest Trailers. It’s the third. Because, well, apparently, Deadpool is the meta king.

Watch the first Deadpool Honest Trailer here:

Don’t ask me to do this again for Deadpool 2. I’m serious.

That was the first time he ever appeared in Honest Trailers. And, as you can see, it wasn’t the last. After this, they contacted Reynolds again for the Logan Honest Trailer (which was their 200th episode), but it didn’t go as well as they thought it would.

Here, see it for yourself:

But hey, it doesn’t matter. These parody trailers are still awesome, and with three Emmy nominations, you know neither of us can be wrong about it.

Thank you again to the radiant unicorn fart that is Ryan Reynolds. He truly is a treasure, and we are all so not worthy!

We didn’t make that up. That’s part of the Honest Trailer – Deadpool 2 description. And nope, we sure don’t deserve Ryan Reynolds or Screen Junkies. Keep up the good work, guys!

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