Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By Himself In New Interview [VIDEO].

Nice To Know What He Thinks Of Himself.

GQ Magazine released its Men of The Year issue, and Ryan Reynolds is the honored one. Usain Bolt, Warren Beatty, and Tinsel Town are on the fabulous list as well, but until now the only one being interviewed is Ryan.

The actor talked about his career, his family and wife, Deadpool and his new GQ title with a very well known interviewer… for him. This man is called Gordon, and he threw some harsh questions to the father of two. Reynolds got totally roasted.

Check It Out:

Ryan introduced us to his twin brother Gordon Reynolds.

Just like in the movies there’s a good twin and a bad one. We already know Ryan is the good one because he’s the main actor in one of this year’s greatest movies, plus he’s married to Blake Lively  and has proven to be a great dad with his two kids, all of that means Gordon is the bad one and if you watched the video you know why.


Gordon takes on Blake Lively, Deadpool and Ryan’s acting skills.

This evil twin asks some pretty hurtful questions and makes fun of Ryan’s wife and career. He asks “How’s Blake Lively like?” but not in the way you would imagine. Gordon also tries to get Ryan to answer tricky questions. The whole interview is supposed to be a joke, but no one can deny very rude and some find it offensive, which has gotten a lot of criticism for the magazine, and people are claiming this Roast is homophobic and misogynistic.


Jake Gyllenhaal has an appearance on the video.

You can see the actor as a boom operator. He’s spotted when Gordon said ironically that he “Wouldn’t think of anyone more worthy.”


Reynolds is called a c*** three times.

The whole interview has a very dark sense of humor, but it doesn’t matter if you watched Deadpool you know Ryan’s used to it. Plus he told the magazine he likes this type of humor and that he got it from his father. So if it’s fine by him, then we are happy to see him in double, the more Reynolds, the better.




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