Kids Speak Their Mind On Trump’s Victory And It’s Hilarious [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel Has Done It Again, This Segment Is Pure Gold.

The entire world is shocked and talking about Donald Trump’s victory. This week has been all about people expressing their opinions on the matter. Social media, newspaper, TV shows, everyone is talking about it. But has anyone stopped and asked the kids how do they feel about it?

Well, Jimmy Kimmel did it for you, because let’s face it, it would be really creepy if you stopped a stranger kid on the street. Anyway, kids reactions of Trump’s victory are hilarious, take a look, I promise they’ll make you laugh.

Kids react to Donald Trump’s victory.

Top Reactions

5. These brothers think Trump should be a plomer.

First they called him an idiot, then they said he should be a plomer and made a reference of cleaning toilets. And to finish the idea, the younger boy made an impression of Trump making him sound like Darth Vader.


4. This girl’s face is everything.

She was asked to say a nice thing of Donald Trump and had to stop for a second to think her answer.

oh my

3. This Canadian guy that only wants Snoop Dogg to move to Canada.

He’s my favorite, he said that he really didn’t care about Trump because he’s from Canada but he didn’t like him. When he was asked if he was worried about people going to Canada because of it, his answer was he only wanted Snoop Dogg to go there.

canadian kid

2. This little guy knows exactly what he’s talking about.

They asked him if he would like Donald Trump to be his dad and what he said is so funny but has a little bit of truth that worries me: Of course not because he might murder my mom.

smart kid

1. The baby that cried when she heard his name.

This is the most accurate reaction in the world ever. We feel you girl.

baby crying


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