People Line Up Their Face With Money And It’s Kind Of Great

Who Ever Thought This Would Be A Thing? Gosh I Love The Internet.

Yes, people are doing side to side pics with money and the results are sort of artsy.

Boredom is a source of creativity. You might think it’s not but when you’re trapped in one of those situations that makes time seem infinitely slow your brain goes click and starts creating.

Some start counting things on the floor or the ceiling, others start to imagine alternate situations and even what would happen if a flying elephant would come across while someone is giving their lame speech.

Well, that’s what Reddit user Fouad_Osama did when he was bored in his car on Tuesday. He decided to fold a 5$ bill in half and match his face with Abe Lincoln’s face. And with the right camera angle, he totally nailed it while creating a new trend.

Look at that perfect line-up

For some reason, the resemblance between Fouad and Abe Lincoln it’s incredible. Maybe it’s the beard or the nose. But something is sure, it became a trend and it quickly got to Reddit’s front page, and the comment sections were full of Fouad’s copycats attempting their own money/face match.

Image Credit: Fouad_Osama /
Image Credit: Fouad_Osama /

Here are some of the best money- face lineups we could find.

She is the man.

Queen Elizabeth looks a bit chubbier lately, and sort of manlier too.

Image Credit: DARTHSMEE/
Image Credit: DARTHSMEE/

Camelion Lincoln?

Even though this guy looks pretty formal there’s something wrong with his eyes. It looks like he saw something really spooky, maybe he got an invitation to the theatre.

Image Credit: ABAYBAS/
Image Credit: /

Sadly sassy.

He looks like a really ugly lady. Besides that necklace in the bill doesn’t match with his attire.

Image Credit: /
Image Credit: /

Creepy guy look.

Few people can work a moustache, especially the Mexican revolution leader/pedo bear one and this lady is not the exception.

Image Credit: /
Image Credit: BEANO52/

Benjamin Snape.

This is when the internet starts getting creative and creepy.

Image Credit: /
Image Credit: PIKAMETA/

Fancy Crimson Chin.

With the postmodern/ vampire hairstyle and the incredibly long chin, we think it is obvious.

Image Credit: /

Buffed buck.

This guy really pulled it out. Are we supposed to called him a dollar instead of a meat head?

Image Credit: /
Image Credit: /

Harvey Dollar.

He really is the other half of this bill(ian).

Image Credit: /


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