7 Happy Little Things That Will Make You Smile This Week.

We Are Just Thinking About Your Well-Being.

Be Happy with these little things we collected for you.

It’s been a rough year. Stars like David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and Prince left us. Trump won the election, something that for many means the beginning of WWIII. And of course, there are those many many personal things that might be bothering us.

Even though there were some hard times this year, they were evidently some good ones. And since the year is about to end and we want you to start 2017 with the best attitude possible . Here we are gonna give you 7 reasons to have the right mindset, and even make you smile and have a great day.

7.Reach the sky (or the TV whatever works for you).

This adorable dog loves the John Lewis Christmas commercial so much that it has him jumping all over the place. This big guy is so excited about it that we can’t help but to feel incredibly happy with it.


This odd couple is in heaven. Their owner decided to spoil them and they sure are loving it. Just look at the relaxation state of the kitty and the face of the dog, is priceless.

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5.One with my surroundings.

This little ball of foam that we call dog is a master in hide and seek. So what a better and more adorable and comfy hiding spot than a bowl full of white foam that matches him.


4.Marshmallow lotto.

It’s oddly satisfying to see this marshmallow flower blossoming, probably it’s equally delicious. If you really want one you can find them at Dominique Ansel bakery.

3.Bear’s best friend.

This lovely portrait of nature is heartwarming. This lovely footage of a Polar bear petting a dog makes you smile and feel relaxed for some reason. Maybe is the background sounds of the ocean and seagulls.

2.Mouth full of carrot.

Hamsters are adorable. And some of their most adorable traits is their fluffy and fat cheeks, plus the way they eat. So just imagine how cute it’s to watch a super close up of a fluffy hamster having his mouth full. We can all feel related as he holds on to that carrot. Food is definitely one of the life’s finest pleasures.


If you don’t feel as happy and excited as this puppy after watching this video you don’t have a soul, period. It’s not only cute and all dressed up, he is having the time of his life and has such a big smile that only Cheshire cat’s smile could compete with it. This is a beam of sunlight, happiness made into a video.



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