Drake Jams To Taylor’s Swift Bad Blood In New Apple Music Ad [VIDEO]

This Is My Favorite Type Of Ad.

On April, we saw Taylor Swift fall off a treadmill rapping along with a Drake tune for Apple Music. This time the American Music Awards revealed the other side of the coin. Apple Music made a new advertising showing Drake’s singing along skills, as he blasts to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

Yes, it’s about exercise again, but that doesn’t bother me, I mean you can see the rapper’s arms. Apparently, he likes to jam Taylor at the gym. It’s just as funny as Swift’s.

Drake shows his tough side lifting weight at the gym.

He shows his heavy lifting game singing along to Taylor’s single, although, things didn’t turn out very well.

Drake starts his workout with some rap music.

He acts so leave, rapping with his mate.


But when his friend leaves the room, he gets creative.

He played “Bad Blood” to get some inspiration and started dancing around. Sadly he got too distracted and fell off the bench.


At least it didn’t seem to hurt as much as Taylor’s video.

I admire her for keep rapping after falling flat face off the treadmill. You go, girl!.

Apple is right: distractingly good.



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