Mom Asks The Internet For Help With Cupboard, Awesome Results.

I Think I Would Forget About Those Dishes, Too Complicated.

A simple domestic decision drove the internet into a frenzy this time. A frustrated mother shared on Facebook a picture of a large pile of porcelain plates slipping off the shelf, and asking for possible advice to deal with the messy situation.

The picture captioned “A cupboard that can never be open”, and we all know how people are on the internet, saying no to internauts is like asking them to come with the most (il)logical solution.

We leave you here with the top 5 answers. What would you do?

A cupboard that can never be open.

The picture was posted to Baliao Commune, a Taiwan-based Facebook community, till now it has received over 16,000 reactions and 439 comments. Among those comments, there are some really funny ones, some incredibly mean and occasionally, some helpful ones.

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

5. The Pokemon Solution.

Because the most mainstream game has to be helpful somehow.


4. The Literary Solution.

Sometimes your favorite book characters can really help you.


3. The Movie Solution.

Let the game begin…


2. The Political Solution.

Politics at its best.


1. And…the Ninja Solution

We all have a ninja inside silently waiting for the occasion to come out and impress everybody with our skills.





Extra Solutions:

The Photoshop Solution.



And an actually helpful one:







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