How to Start Working as a Freelance Essay Writer

The Freedom of Writing

The freelance academic writing industry has been moving at the speed of light in recent years. Virtually non-existent just a decade ago, now it includes thousands of companies based in many countries around the world.

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The reasons why more and more companies enter the business are numerous and include factors such as an increasing college homework overload, poor time management skills, complexity of business essay projects, and others that have students and businesses looking for qualified writing assistance.

Another reason is an excellent opportunity to earn good revenues by providing professional essay writing help. Those with good academic writing skills have finally found an opportunity to practice them and get paid. Another good news is that writing essays for online writing companies can be done by freelance writers.

Being a freelance essay writer has many benefits, including a flexible schedule, interesting assignments, and an opportunity to earn a high salary. However, to become one, you need to pass a screening process and prove that you have what it takes to write excellent papers that get As.

Would you like to find out more about this exciting career? Read on.

Where to Start

Since we’re talking about being a freelance essay writer, most of the companies that allow this working schedule is online. Even if a company that interests you is located in another country, you should still apply because they typically have PayPal and other options that enable them to pay writers located in other countries.

Well, start by searching Google for the following keyword combinations:

“Freelance academic writer jobs”

“Academic writers wanted”

“Freelance essay writing jobs”

“Get paid to write essays for students”

“Writing essay jobs.”

The search should return a lot of options. To select the best ones to apply to, you need to know the following.

How to Select a Good Academic Essay Writing Company

Given the abundance of custom essays writing companies out there, it’s a good idea to explore some options and what they can give you. To make the selection process easier and faster, read the following tips.

  • Writing an essay requires appropriate expertise. “Look for companies that need applicants to provide a diploma or other evidence of an academic degree,” recommends Adam Brown, a recruiter at College Paper. “Your qualification means that you can write quality papers, which also means a higher salary.”
  • Look for companies that require customers to pay on front and in full. Let’s be honest here: your customers might not be the most honest people in the world (after all, they are technically cheating), so it’s a good idea to find an essay writing service that requires a full upfront payment.
  • Analyze websites of the companies you’re interested in. A poorly designed website that takes like twenty seconds to load is clearly not a good option, so look for companies with quickly-loading, professional websites that also feature customer testimonials.
  • Writer registration should be free of charge. Remember: you don’t owe anyone anything before you start earning.

The Screening Process

Every professional essay writing service has a certain screening process to ensure that the people they hire are qualified to do the job. Anyone applying for freelance employment should meet three essential requirements: possessing strong academic writing skills, having a good command of English, and having a college or university degree.

The registration process varies from company to company, but you should be ready to:

  • Provide details such as name, email address, country, preferred academic areas to write about, availability, time zone, university, major, cell phone, previous experience etc.
  • Pass tests. For example, custom writing companies often require candidates to pass grammar and essay tests to check their command of English and academic writing skills. For example, a typical essay test involves writing an essay (200-300 words) on a topic defined by the recruiters or one from an academic area which you selected. A grammar test is also typically short but comprehensive, lasting up to 20 minutes.

When you complete all tests successfully, you’re allowed to proceed to complete your writer profile, payment method, and, of course, taking orders from customers. Also, you may require some time to get familiar with the organizational quality and other policies and the working environment such as writer dashboard, order taking procedures, and other things.

Final Thoughts

Being a freelance essay writer could be a great option for people with strong academic writing skills who enjoy a flexible working schedule. If you’re one of them, you now know how to start this career after reading this article. Just remember: as with any other profession, academic writing requires diligent work, commitment, and talent. If you think that you can meet these requirements, feel free to explore your options and begin this new and exciting career as a freelance essay writer!

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