Paramore Will Take A Break From The Stage For A While

There’s One Last Gig Left Though

After a very long year of touring, Nashville-based band Paramore has decided to take a break for a while. Nobody knows what’s next, expect for the Art + Friends Music Festival, which will be the “last real Pmore show for a minute”.

By John Vettese

The After Laughter Tour was more of a world tour divided in five stages. Well, maybe six if you count Parahoy. Although their first show of the After Laughter era was the KROQ Weenie Roast, Tour One took place in Europe. Followed by Tour Two and 2.5, in the US, Canada and Mexico. The Landing in Europe once more for Tour Three. Taking it to Tour Four in Australia and New Zealand. And ending with the After Laughter Summer Tour (Tour Five) in the US, Canada, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Jakarta.

All of this, plus Parahoy!, four music videos, music festivals and countless interviews.

Paramore is doing everything right

It’s safe to say that this era was purely emotional. It’s true each band’s era is truly different from one another, and Paramore has made sure of that. But this one if probably the best yet. Everything was incredible. The set lists, the covers, the venues, the crowds, the new versions of their old songs. Do they know how to put up a show.

Now all there’s left if the Art + Friends Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 7.

“We want to celebrate our hometown and the fast growing, wacky and wonderful alternative music and arts community of Nashville,” they stated. “We want to show you what our fine city has to offer, outside of bachelorette parties and karaoke bars… Take it from a group of kids who grew up right here in this city – the new Nashville is definitely alright with us. We’re excited to give everyone a chance to experience Nashville the way we do.”

Via Twitter

Get your tickets here.

Let’s hope they don’t disappear for a billions years. Please.

But we wish you the best, Paramore. Have an awesome hiatus, you’ve earned it!


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