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‘Hey Arnold!’ Might Be Planning A Comeback With Netflix

We’re As Ready As We’ll Ever Be

22 years later, one of the coolest animated series of the 90s might be coming back to our TV screens. With five seasons, Hey, Arnold! could have a sixth one thanks to Netflix. Yes. Because we can’t get enough of this story! Five seasons and two movies (one of them actually premiered last year) aren’t enough.

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In an interview on the Tunes/Toons podcast, show’s composer Jim Lang stated:

When the movie premiered, in your age group [millennial] we totally killed. With the Nickelodeon audience, not so great. So they decided, ‘Nah we’re not gonna do it.’

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That can leave any 90s kid with a broken heart. But, then he added:

Netflix, Amazon, Apple were all people that they were going to go out to with the idea of trying to make a season six of Hey Arnold!

Although nobody know anything about it yet, everyone has their fingers crossed. Even the producers!.

We haven’t heard anything yet, so we’ve just got our fingers crossed,

But we think it’s completely possible for them to pick up the series, since they’ve already successfully revived shows like Gilmore Girls and Queer Eye. Come on, we all want to see more of Arnold and his friends.

Anyhoo, maybe they don’t really need a younger audience (of course it would be amazing if they were on board as well). But hey, they have plenty of fans who will now get every single joke and situation, don’t you think? And even though we’re all adults now, we love going down memory lane.

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So, in order for this to happen, you should binge-watch Hey, Arnold!‘s five seasons, and watch the films. Maybe then Netflix will notice us and decide that this revival NEEDS to happen. Who knows.

And there you have it, guys. We tried to warn you. This is a thing now. Bringing very cool animated series back to life is the new black. And we’re so into it. Tell us what you think of these revivals!


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