Gilmore Girls Trailer Is Here And You Are Not Going To Believe It

Lorelai and Luke Are Together, Life’s Great


They are almost here! Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be released on November 25th. You need them NOW? I know, and I have good news, the first trailer is here and it’s awesome (wasn’t expecting any less to be honest).

It’s so exciting, the Dragonfly Inn seems to be doing great, Stars Hollow is just as amusing as always, and they keep having their meetings. The girls look fantastic, Sookie is back, Jess is back, so is Paris and even Dean and Logan. Although Kirk is for some reason in the friday night dinners and Rory is trying to find herself and has no job. Things look normal, except for Luke because HE’S WITH LORELAI! That makes me so happy I can’t even. We’ve been waiting for this for like forever.

But sadly everything’s not always rainbows and unicorns, Lorelai and Luke seem to be having some issues. The girls also have a huge lost, Richard Gilmore passed away and Emily is dealing with it in a special way. Let’s stop here, we need to keep our enthusiasm.

The trailer looks great, if you’d like to watch it (obviously you do) you can find it below:


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