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Mid-Year Movies & Shows Recomendations For All The Buffs Out There

Take Some Time For Yourself, We Leave You With Our Mid-Year Movie + Shows Recomendations.

If your 4th of July plans include pijamas, re-heated food and a bunch of binge watching, then you my friend are my type of people. Is crazy to say this, but half of the year has already gone by (and so has my wish of acomplishing half by bucket list). However, it has been an amazing year for us Netflix-addicted, ‘movie buffs.’

After Cannes, and in the means of feeling productive, I have summed up a list of these years’ MUST films and shows, starting with my brand new obsession (thank god for Naomi Watts). Enjoy!

TV Shows


Netflix just recently released the -all perfect- 10 episodes of this amazing phsyco-thriller and I can dare to say, is my show of the year. A few months ago I finished watching HBO’s Big Little Lies and I was almost certain that no other network could give such an intense approach to the life of a rich, wine-drinker soccer mom. But Netflix proved me wrong.

Naomi Watts (as beautiful and perfect as ever), plays the role of Jeane, a perfect mom and smart therapist that lives in the suburbs of New York City with her husband Michael. But in a improved and more intense Desperate-Housewive way, Jeane has a secret life. Her moral and professional objectivity seems to be blurred by her curiosity of knowing the people discussed by her patients.

Soon, Jeane transforms herself into Diane and gives life to this passionate alter-ego that’s obssesed with Sydney (played by Sophie Cookson).  I’ll bare you the spoilers, but this is a mind-troubling, binge-watching-worth show.

Not only the script develops into a phsyco-sexual drama that’s made to leave the viewer dying with anxiety. But the cinematic behind every scene, its photography, development of character’s and estetic, makes this a big win for Netflix’s originals.

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**Ok, so basically this is a 2016 show. But let’s just pretend I wasn’t late to the party. **

This Amazon-Studios dramedy might seem a bit grey-scaled for some. But it’s realistic, down to earth creativity will make you wish you were paying more attention to those Law & Order trials. The amazing Billy Bob Thorton, gives life to this washed-out lawyer that had it all but lost it in empty bottles and regrets. The first two episodes go by pretty slow, but boy do the make up. At the end, the show leaves a bitter sweet image of the world to its viewers, however, it’s worth it.

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Big Little Lies

HBO’s Big Little Lies should be consider one of the best shows in the last 5 years (at least). With an all-star cast that includes, Reese Witherspoon,  Nicole Kidman, Shaileene Woodley and (the goddes) Zoey Zaldana. This show portrays current society issues, in the most, subtle yet intense way I have seen in a long time. The season finale will leave everyone wondering if they had ever seen such an intense plot twist, but what really steals the show, is it’s landscapes and soundtrack.

An exquisit piece of show for sure.

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Despite our top three shows, we can’t help to mention some of these recently released shows that are making the internet crazy. For starters, there is David Lynch’s remake of the iconic 80’s show, Twin Peaks. Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is also making headlines among every blog in the internet, it also brings back Samira Wiley back to the streaming world.



Get Out

Jordan Pelee’s director debut is a true master piece. Photography, script, plot twist, mindblowns and directorial perfection. That being said, this pshyco-thriller portrays racial issues in the most messed up way in the world. Starring Daniel Kaluuya, which we know from Black Mirror and Allison Williams (a.k.a Marnie form Girls),you will feel as if your body is lifted with the soundtrack at the hands of Childish Gambino.

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Personal Shopper

Oh God, Kristen Stewart.

Directed by Oliver Assaya, this drama /horror(?) film is all about grief and death. However, it’s hard to categorize this film in just a few letters. Nonetheless, the direction in the film and the sequence of scenes will make you feel as if you are Kristen. Plus it also portrays the fashion industry in a really intriguing way. Assaya and Stewart give us a weird  but hopeful portrayal of life.

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The Beguiled

Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman star along Elle Fanning in Sofia Copolla’s latest film. This pointy, civil-war thriller portrays empowered women in a difficult time. Copolla manages to mantain her sharp and to-the-point director cut, with a little more narrative.

The Beguild
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Other great films of the year include: Netflix’s Okja, Beatriz At Dinner, Your Name and Colossal. So grab your popcorn and watch thr 4th of July fireworks alongside your screen.



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