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“Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus!” Has A New Teaser

A Lot Can Happen In 15 Years

It’s that time of the year again and San Diego Comic-Con never fails to bring us good news. This time we’re talking about bringing back one amazing and weird show: Invader Zim. 15 years later and after being cancelled, Jhonen Vasquez is bringing it back with a TV movie.

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We all remember Invader Zim, the story of an Irken alien determined to conquer Earth but naive enough to think he can “quit” banishment. This show was both awesome and weird, so weird… But that’s what made it what it was.

At first the series went very well, but in the middle of its second season Nickelodeon saw the decrease in the ratings and pulled the plug. After being cancelled in 2002, a bunch of unaired episodes were released on DVD a couple of years later. But it wasn’t enough for fans, which consider the show a cult classic.

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Now check this out!

Yes! Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! is very coming soon! The teaser doesn’t have any dialogue, but we see a lot going on. Dib continues to try an prove everyone that Zim’s an alien, his sister Gaz tries to help him (for some reason she’s shredding a solo on her guitar while Dib seems to be working on something). While this happens, we can also see Zim and GIR stretching and working out in the yard.

The animation is as cool as it used to be, everything seems to be as weird as always, some designs are a little bit softer, but it’s basically all the same. It will be a 90-minute special and we’re hoping to get some closure (in case we don’t get more episodes). Will Zim finally invade Earth and prove his leaders wrong? Will Dib expose Zim once and for all? Even though its creator told Polygon it won’t be the best episode, and that we don’t know anything about the plot, and although it doesn’t have a release date yet, we’re very, very excited.

Anyway, thank you for this awesome surprise, Vasquez, Nickelodeon and San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Looks like bringing shows back to life is the new black. Please, keep it coming, guys, we’re not even mad!

Here’s Invader Zim‘s opening credits. Allow your old soul to be happy and watch it again, it will sure bring memories.

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