Baby Tries Yogurt For The First Time And He’s Instantly Repulsed [VIDEO]

This Should Be Consider Some Kind Of Child Abuse

In theory, our parents love us. And they always want the best for us, even if it sucks. This goes from a variety of things. Homework, private lessons, family reunions, horrible clothes, etc. But one of the things that parents love more is to use their kids as guinea pigs involving food. Making us taste as we grow up tons of horrible dishes.

This is the case of this poor baby girl named Hazel. Their parents recently recorded her tasting broccoli for the first time and her reaction was the same as Hillary when she lost the elections. Even though we feel sorry for the little girl, her parents kept recording her culinary adventures for fun purposes. And as sadly as this is for her, it’s awesome for us since she is so expressive. This time the poor little thing was exposed to… yogurt, those monsters.

The parents after the broccoli experiment.

They tried to find out what else could gross out her baby and yogurt turned out to be an instant click. Just look at her face after she tried it, no reason it has gone viral.

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WTF is this horrible thing?

After even gagging of dislike, the poor baby had such a shock in her short life that even started reflecting. Just look at her, she is wondering “do my parents hate me?”, “why they’ve brought me to this horrible place? what is this color I don’t know how to name gooey thing that they’re giving me?”, “are this my diapers melted and fed to me cuz i painted on the wall?”

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Hammered by the yogurt.

Even we expect that this little girl due to the trauma of this yogurt spoon might become the next Nietzsche, we mortals can’t get enough of the ways Hazel expresses her dislike for the dishes her parents feed her. See how she still can’t believe something as evil as yogurt exists. She even looks totally and hardcore wasted.

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WTF, really mom?

We don’t know what the parents are expecting with this video series, besides gaining her daughter’s hate when she grows up and has aged enough to judge them, we are glad they’re doing it. But it seems valid since nowadays people have Instagram accounts for their cats that become famous to try the same with their child, besides babies are a kind of pet? aren’t they? So we say keep the food experimentation and videos coming.


Mom stahp, like really stahp it. STAHP.

We know that one of the perks of being a parent is choosing your child’s torture device. But really who are this guy kidding with the “mmmm” and “yummy” part? We all know that for the baby your tastes in food suck. Just look at her face when another spoon of yogurt is placed in front of her.

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If you guys want to keep watching this parents torturing baby Hazel, and haven’t watch the broccoli video here you have it.




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