Alter Bridge Played This Song Live For The First Time

And With An Actual Orchestra!

The hard rock band Alter Bridge has done it again. They blew our minds with their amazing music. Not only they performed at Royal Albert Hall, London last October, but they were actually backed by the Parallax Orchestra. If that wasn’t enough, they decided to document the occasion for everyone else to see. And, as frontman Myles Kennedy said:

We have a special treat for y’all.

Alter Bridge, the future is bright

Yes. The foursome has finally played Words Darker Than Their Wings! Almost 8 years ago this song was released in the band’s third studio album ABIII, and as the album came to its 7th birthday, Alter Bridge celebrated it by playing it live for the first time.

Words Darker Than Their Wings is definitely one of their most amazing songs. But this version has at least triplicated its value. There’s not only the fact that guitarist, Mark Tremonti’s voice and Kennedy’s voice go along too well (those harmonies are so on point), or that Myles’ can belt that note as if it was nothing… But listening to this being accompanied by a 52-piece orchestra… It’s way too magical.

What a special way of debuting a song!

Via: YouTube

Here, have a few more treats

Now, the official teaser was posted about a month ago, and it left us at the edge of our seats.

Watch it here:

Followed by a video of them performing Addicted To Pain.

Watch here:

And when we thought that was almost too much for our hearts and souls, they hit us with Words Darker Than Their Wings.

Live At The Royal Albert Hall will be released on September 7, in DVD, Blu-Ray, vinyl and CD. You can preorder it here. This is an amazing way to re-live those two nights, if you lived that experience, of course. And for those of us who couldn’t, well, this is definitely more than enough.

Be sure to check out the track list, because it’s too awesome!

  1. Slip to the Void
  2. Addicted to Pain
  3. Before Tomorrow Comes
  4. The Writing on the Wall
  5. Cry of Achilles
  6. In Loving Memory
  7. Fortress
  8. Ties That Bind
  9. The Other Side
  10. Brand New Start
  11. Ghost of Days Gone By
  12. The Last Hero
  13. The End Is Here
  14. Words Darker Than Their Wings
  15. Waters Rising
  16. Lover
  17. Wonderful Life / Watch Over You
  18. This Side of Fate
  19. Broken Wings
  20. Blackbird
  21. Open Your Eyes

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