Check Out How Destiny’s Child Does The #MannequinChallenge

They Slayed

Queen Bey beginnings go back to a girl’s musical group which probably everyone on Earth know about. Back in the days of Destiny’s Child, we noticed the incredible talent of Queen Bey, but we also noticed how talented her partners were. Queen Bey along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, dominated the musical scene in the 2000. Not only they were talented, but their performances were unique, and they always slayed fashion, wearing cool outfits that became their signature.

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After ten years together, the Houston band split in 2007, and from that moment the members followed their solo career. Beyoncé, well she dedicated to music and did some acting too; Kelly kept singing and also did some acting, and Michelle continued singing and did herself a bit acting too.

Even when these three women don’t share the scenery, they do share a friendship. They even have an Instagram account where they post what they did as a group: musical projects, photos, and videos, some sweet reminders for their fans.

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But lately, they decided to leave aside that nostalgia and gathered to make the “Mannequin Challenge.” In which, they stand real still as if they were mannequins, while people take videos and pics of them. The thing is that they have to maintain the pose no matter what! This crazy challenge is trending topic, and of course “Destiny’s Child” couldn’t miss the opportunity to do it.

You can see Beyonce “playing” with Michelle and Kelly looking kind of upset, they look like mannequins! Here’s the video!


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