“We Are The Champions” Without The Background Music Will Give You The Chills [VIDEO]

He Was A Musical Genius And Showman

Without a doubt, Queen is one of the greatest bands that has ever graced us with their music. Their sound is so characteristic that if you hear one of their songs play on the radio and you didn’t which song is it, you can identify it belongs to them just by Freddie Mercury’s voice.

And it’s no secret to anybody that Freddie Mercury’s voice is one of the greatest of all time, he was  a musical genius and showman. In this video has created a version of “We Are the Champions” without the background music and it’s impressive.

The video is a montage of several videos of Freddie Mercury, the rock legend.

Singing the classic rock anthem and it really makes you admire even more his vocal ability.


This version of the song shows us the geniality of the Queen members

And their mythical ability to write hit after hit, as the song even without the background music makes you feel elevated and really gives you the chills. So enjoy it.



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