Jackie Chan Finally Receives an Oscar, after all those years of broken bones

It Was About Time, People

It has been a crazy year. The usual underdogs have won things no one would thought they would. Leicester won the BPL, Chicago Cubs won the World Series and finally, Leonardo Dicaprio won his sneaky and deserved Oscar.

So you might think that after 200 films and over 50 years of sweat, blood, cool explosions, broken stuff and bones you would have an Oscar by now. Well, that wasn’t the case for the lovely comedy-action star Jackie Chan until now, that he received an honorary Oscar at the Governor’s Award.

The award was presented to the Hong Kong martial artist by his Rush Hour co-star Chris Tucker.

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Chang joke about how receiving this award have been a dream of him.


He first saw an Oscar statue in Sylvester Stallone’s house, he said that from that time on, winning one was goal for him.

He also said how he “touched, kissed and smelt the Oscar displayed inside (…) and that it probably still has its fingerprints” in Stallone’s house

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His fellow actors and friends took social media to congratulate Jackie Chang. In his speech he showed his tender and dorky like charisma.


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