These Are The 15 Movies You NEED To Watch This Year

2016 Has Been A Bad Year, But At Least It Has Good Movies

If you are a movie freak this post is for you. This year has brought us a lot of good movies, from horror films to superhero ones, but it’s almost over so that means awards season is pretty much around the corner.

We made a list of the best 15 movies of the year according to critics, so if you haven’t seen a lot of them, this list will tell you exactly what to do the rest of this year.

15. High-Rise.

Directed by Ben Wheatley and starring Tom Hiddleston, the movie takes place in a luxurious building of the 1970’s and it’s based on a novel of the same name. The building allows its residents to become gradually uninterested in the outside world. The infrastructure starts to fail and the relationships between the residents start to fall apart, turning the atmosphere into complete chaos.

High Rise

14. Ouija: Origin of Evil.

This is the prequel to 2014 film Ouija. This time a widow and her family play the game, they invite a spirit that possesses the youngest daughters. The movie is directed, written and produced by Mike Flanagan.


13. Captain America: Civil War.

The movie produced by Marvel Studios is the sequel to Captain America: the first avenger.  In this movie the Avengers make two different teams due to their belief on saving the earth. They are forced to fight between them and also, they scout different characters to help them like Ant Man and Spiderman.

civil war

12. Finding Dory.

This movie is a sequel and spinoff of Finding Nemo. It’s focused on amnesic Dory trying to find her parents and reunite with them. In the middle of the journey she’s taken to an aquarium where Nemo and Marlin have to rescue her.


11. Aquarius.

The film is a Brazilian-France drama. Directed by  Kleber Mendonça Filho the theme consists of a woman who’s the last residence of the Aquarius building. She refuses to sell her apartment to a construction company who wants to build something brand new in the place of her beloved home.


10. Moonlight.

Written and directed by Barry Jenkins. The film tells the story of a young boy who was bullied and lived with a drug addict. He discovers his sexuality with his best friend Kevin. The protagonist grew up to be a drug dealer and meets his best friend to confess some real messed up stuff.


9. Green Room.

Green Room is a horror movie written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier. Is about a punk band that plays a gig in Oregon. Later that evening one of the members finds a girl stabbed to death. Everything seems strange and they are looking for ways out of the situation.


8. Manchester by the Sea.

Directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan, the story’s about Joe who’s brother just past away and he has to take care of his son. Joe is forced to return to his hometown where he has to deal with his ex-wife and the community.


7. The Fits.

From the director Anna Rose Holmer. The Fits is the story of Toni, a young girl who’s used to be around boys, and as she enters to a girls dance troupe Toni struggles to fit in.

6. The Jungle Book.

The movie is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It’s based on Rudyard Kipling’s works and Disney’s 1967 animated film with the same name, The film is live-action and that tells the story of Mowgli, an orphaned human boy who’s guided by animals and lives on the jungle evading the threatening Shere Khan.


5. Zootopia.

This is a Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of a rabbit named Judy Hopps, whose biggest dream is to become the first rabbit police officer in a world where predator rule.

3. Deadpool.

This is a superhero comedy. Starring Ryan Reynolds the film’s about a guy named Wade Wilson, he’s in love with a girl but gets diagnosed with cancer. It mixes drama with comedy in a killer movie that’ll make your day better.

2. Hell or High Water.

Starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster, the movie is about two brothers that rob banks in order to raise enough money to save their family farm from foreclosure.

1. The Lobster.

Yorgos Lanthimos directed and produced this piece . In a world where single people are given 45 days to find a romantic partner, otherwise, they will be turned into animals. A newly-single man is trying to find someone in order to remain human.



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