These Are The Top Movie Trailers That You Should Definitely Should Watch This Week

We Made A List For All Kind Of Genres

Everybody loves to watch a good a movie or show. It’s the whole thing behind the concept of”Netflix and Chill.” Especially when it’s a new amazing one. That catches our attention for many reasons and really gets us hooked up and expecting more.

Since we get relaxed and all our problems fade away, while we get into incredible stories and plots. Even though it sounds like a lazy people’s plan, we all love it and have done it. But our hardest choice getting into this process of calm is what to watch. So to help you with it in the near future we are going to leave you with 5 movie trailers and series that look incredible.

5.Thor: Ragnarok

One for the Marvel fans to love.

The guys from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are bringing it all to an end, this movie counts with many upcoming thrills. We can see Thor turning into a gladiator and fighting Hulk, Loki being a badass, Led Zeppelin as the background music, and the destruction of Asgard, all thanks to Hela. The movie comes out on November 3rd of this year, and it will surely fight for becoming a blockbuster along the other MCU films of this year.

4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The trailer that broke the internet recently, especially due to the Star Wars Celebration convention. As the clip perfectly plays without emotions and expectations of knowing who will be the last Jedi, as Luke himself says that their time has ended. Besides, according to the film’s director Rian Johnson, the movie will reveal Rey’s family history. Something that many fans have been craving to know. So it’s she a Skywalker? a Kenobi? or maybe another option? The movie comes on December 15th.

3.The Wizard of Lies

An HBO production that has Robert De Niro in the starring role. Anything else that should be added to get you watching this? The story of the movie is about Bernie Madoff and the eventual bust of his Ponzi scheme that is the biggest one in the U.S.’s history. As he took $65 billion from his over 20 years. Certainly, it will be one of De Niro’s more interesting roles ever. As it comes out May 20th.

2.Dear White People

A reboot series on the hysterical movie of 2014, as it will also include director and writer Justin Simien helping to produce the series. As the diverse and multicultural group makes fun of every stereotype and stigma that society has on their prestigious Ivy League college. Making us remember that we can laugh off even some horrible things, as the trailer shows. The first season comes out April 28th.

1.The Hitman’s Bodyguard A.K.A The Best Movie Trailer Yet

A lot of laughs, nonsense and swearing, courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson obviously. As the movie makes fun of the pop-factor by having the “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston playing at the back. As we watch poor Ryan Reynolds suffer a lot of obstacles and crappy circumstances that are not his fault. The movie looks like one of those dumb and ridiculous films you watch to spare time, but that leaves you with a smile after and that you always love to view over and over. The movie premieres on August 18th of this year.



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