Halloween? We’ve Got You Covered With The Best 25 Horror Movies EVER

With Halloween just around the corner, we start getting the vibe for spooky films. And with SO many out there (and let’s be honest some horror movies reeeally suck) it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time for real.

So, to save you from sitting through a 90-minute “lame disaster” here is a list of the best 30 films you should totally watch this Halloween season.

25. The Craft (1996).

Four girls seem to have only one thing in common; the witchery craft. This power will change their high school life, for sure.

24. Scream (1996).

There is a killer in town that will stop at nothing when it comes to murdering these teenagers. Will this group of friends be able to save themselves or not?


23. Disturbia (2007).

This thriller will have you clinging to whatever you might have near you. Discover how Shia LeBeouf deals with a neighbor that seems to have an oddly disturbing hobby.


22. Beetlejuice (1998).

Because this is a classic. Even if you can’t accept it, after seen this movie you won’t dare to say “Beetlejuice” more than twice!


21. Casper (1995).

Who wouldn’t like to have a friend like Casper? Yeah, he might be a ghost and have some weird “relatives” and live in a spooky house but look at the bright side; you have the coolest in-doors rollercoaster/mad lab.


20. Ghostbusters (1984).

What would Halloween be without this comedy classic? Plus, it reminds you that if you ever get into a ghostly situation these is the crew to call out for help. Right?

19. The Addams Family (1991).

Looking back at things, I think now we get why Wednesday Addams behaved in a weird way. I mean, her character is the most relatable since forever.


18. The Night Before Christmas (1993).

This Henry Selick classic is the graphic representation of what it’s like to be an outsider. Jack had to learn how real the struggle can be.

17. Halloween (1978).

Picture this, a child that murdered his sister. Of course, he’s been taken into a psychiatric hospital but don’t get so comfortable ’cause he’s out, and he might find YOU.

16. The House Of Devil (2009).

You might want to rethink that babysitting job of after watching this movie. Seriously, sometimes you are better off without that extra cash.


15. Poltergeist (1987).

Sometimes you might have to get along with ghosts, I mean as long as they “keep it friendly” right? Well, this family had to do so, and everything was going fine. Until they decided it was time to mess with the little girl.


14. Hocus Pocus (1993).

Because one of the major reasons we all look forward to Halloween it’s for this three sisters. You might say this is just childish, but I bet if you catch this one on Disney Channel you won’t miss it for the world.


13. Psycho (1960).

After stealing $40,000, a young woman encounters with a man that’s been under his mother’s ways for too long now.


12. The Silence of The Lambs (1991).

When a physiatrist turns into a homicidal cannibal, you get Hannibal. And Clarice Starling is the FBI trainee in charge to take over this outrageous situation.

11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).

Oldie but goodie, because nothing beats an original! Especially if we are talking about this major classic horror film who will keep you on the edge.


10. The Conjuring (2013).

You know things are about to get real when a horror movie starts with the phrase “based on a true story.” This time, it is about a family that, all of the sudden, find themselves in the most terrifying case of a lifetime.


9. V/H/S (2012).

A group of kids get hired to break into a house and find a tape that shows things that you probably couldn’t even imagined in your wildest or craziest dreams.


8. The Others (2001).

Once even you are convinced that your house is haunted, there’s really nothing much left to do. Good luck there!


7. 28 Days Later (2002).

Some might say that there hasn’t been a lot of movies able to top this one. I dare you to watch it alone, at pure darkness.


6. The Evil Dead (1981).

A group of friends decide to go into the woods to stay in a cabin. Once there, they find a book that once it’s read out loud, the dead awakens.


5. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

I bet after seeing this one, you are most likely to pass on that nap you were so much looking forward to.


4. 31 (2016).

After being kidnaped, these 5 workers are going to have to participate in a horrible clown “game.” There’s really not much choice.


3. The Shining (1980).

As an attempt to cure his “writer’s block” Jack Torrance settles in a Hotel that gives the creeps to ANY human being.


2. The Cabin In The Woods (2012).

You might think you know all about how this movie goes, but this movie gave the “horror genre” a twist. Is about a group of friends that stays in a cabin, but there’s so much to find out.


1. The Exorcist (1973).

Imagine levitating, speaking in tongues, and overall behaving insane. This (and even more) was happening to Regan. Her mother sought medical help but nothing worked. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER?



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