The World Can’t Get Enough Of Barron Trump’s sleepiness.

I Guess We Can All Relate To This Poor Child.

We all have been in that boring, obnoxious and serious situation, especially when we are kids. It could be a family dinner, an event, a graduation or simply something that seems important for everybody except us.

That’s the case of 10-year-old Baron Trump, who was having a boxing match against sleepiness last night when his dad won the U.S. presidency.

Many felt related to the pain Barron was going through, having to hear Trump giving that winning speech,  so the internet reactions didn’t take long to appear.

Well, he doesn’t seem to happy about it.

Probably his mom kept him awake through all election night but by the time his dad was giving his presidential victory speech, Barron was barely able to keep his eyes open. It looked like he just wanted the whole damn thing to be over and go back to sleep.

I mean, look at the poor child.

His boredom had many internet users wondering the places Barron would rather be.

Just like any of us did when we had to go to that boring family dinner with all those wrinkled, plastic, inappropriate, wig wearing aunts and uncles and those obnoxious cousins.

Image Credit: daily
Image Credit: daily


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