The Absurd Gender Gap Between Mark Wahlberg And Michelle Williams

The Reshoot Of ‘All The Money In The World’ Comes With Serious Wage Differences

Actor Mark Wahlberg received $ 1.5 million for his male lead role in the movie All The Money In The World. Details were revealed by people familiar with the situation. Even though it was without authorization to reveal these sums to the public. The information was disclosed to USA TODAY.
Michelle Williams received a surprising $80 per day. The total amount sums less than $ 1,000.

Gender gap is more obvious than ever

This makes it obvious that actress Williams is paid less than a tenth of the 1% of her male counterpart Wahlberg.
The movie that stars Getty kidnapping drama was quickly reshot on Thanksgiving. All after allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey.  Spacey, who had starred in the drama as tycoon J.Paul was quickly replaced.
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Hurrying to get the scenes done

While replacing Spacey for Christopher Plummer, they didn’t need to change the premiere date that was scheduled for Christmas. The wave of publicity that was generated for “All The Money In The World”, arrived at the Golden Globes on triumphant Sunday.  After all, they had the opportunity to participate despite the altercations.

The re-launch cost the modest sum of $10 million. In December Scott told USA TODAY that the company was helped by the fact that “everyone did it for nothing.”

The statement was in this way so hilarious:

RIDLEY SCOTT: “All the re-launch was, in normal terms, expensive. Not as expensive as you think because they all did it for nothing.”
USA TODAY: “Really?”
SCOTT: “No, they do not pay me, I refuse to be paid”.
USA TODAY: “Did not you pay the actors more for doing it?”
SCOTT: “No, everyone came for free, Christopher had to be paid, but Michelle, no, I did not, I would not do that too…
USA TODAY: “The crew, of course, received a payment?”
SCOTT: “Of course.”

Since then, Wahlberg’s team actually negotiated a relatively large fee. The actor who got paid $1.5 million for the repetitions of scenes. Williams was not informed.
These protagonists are represented by the Williams Morris Endeavor agency. The actors pay a team of agents, lawyers, and managers. The average payment is 10% of their salaries to advocate for them.
The representatives of Wahlberg and Williams with Sony and Imperative did not respond to requests for comments from USA TODAY.
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Best paid actor of the year!

In August, Forbes magazine named actor Wahlberg, the highest-paid actor of the year. With a calculated earnings of his pre-tax and pre-commission work at $68 million. The Washington Post reported for the first time the actor’s reinstatement fee. Noting that Wahlberg “along with manager Stephen Levinson and the WME agency, have a reputation in Hollywood for conducting a difficult business.”

Actress Williams told USA TODAY earlier that when Scott’s team called to ask for a little more time for the relaunch, “I said that I would be where they needed me. Whenever they needed me. They could have my salary and my vacations. Whatever you have, I wanted. Because I appreciated so much that you were making this massive effort. “
This movie has raised $ 20.2 million since its launch two weeks ago.
The pay gap came when Hollywood industry continues to shake after the fall of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. After accusations of sexual harassment against dozens of Hollywood figures. This could give life to the growing #MeToo movement.

This movement, supported by industry figures at the Gala of the Golden Globes dressed in all black attire. The dress code gave that to talk on the networks.

Actress Williams was nominated for a Globe for her role in this movie “All The Money in the World.” No doubt, she deserved recognition for always supporting the film that was in doubt after Spacey’s misconduct. Thankfully, it emerged victorious thanks to the personalities who worked for it. 
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