All The Money Re-Shoot Was Decided In Less Than 20 Minutes

‘Plummer Elevated The Film’

“All the Money in the World”  the new film directed by the filmmaker Ridley Scott. The first trailer began shooting on May 29th. In September, Sony Entertainment released the trailer with Kevin Spacey in the role of oil millionaire John Paul Getty. In the middle of October, a few weeks before the movie was released, Buzzfeed published the controversial story about Spacey. He was accused by another actor of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Stir with the ex- protagonist

The news caused a stir quickly and although actor Spacey publicly apologized, the accusations continued. Netflix removed it from the cast of the series “House of Cards.” Director Riley Scott made the decision to replace his lead actor.  “In the blink of an eye, it took about 20 minutes,” says Scott, “because I cannot afford that a person’s actions affect the film to the extent that we have not released it. I could not let that happen.”

This film was inspired by a true story about mogul John Paul Getty. Who refused to stop the rescue of his grandson when he was kidnapped in 1973. Producers Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas surrendered and immediately accepted to help save the film. Originally his budget was $ 40 million. After this mishap, Scott was given another $ 10 million to start over. Thomas says: “There was a trust with Ridley that gives everyone the confidence that we could do this.”
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In the absence of a protagonist

On November 20th, a few weeks after the accusations against Spacey were broken, Scott began filming key scenes again. This time taking the role of millionaire protagonist actor Christopher Plummer. The director brought his cast and crew, with which they recorded 22 scenes in nine days. How fast can it be when they propose it? Just four days after that they had an approximate cut of the film ready to present it to Hollywood.

Foreign Press Association, which ended up nominating Scott, Plummer, and actress Michelle Williams for the Golden Globes. The 88 years old actor Plummer has decades of experience on the big screen and the stage. He says it was very easy to act. “Getting ready is a funny word: I do not usually prepare,” he says. “I let it be by instinct and imagination … I did not have time to investigate it or anything … Well, well, directly.”

Positive opinions for Plummer in All The Money In The World

According to the film’s editor, Claire Simpson says that Plummer elevated the film. It made Getty more stubborn and frail in adulthood. “It felt very authentic and really touching.” Spacey, meanwhile, “had much more bravery and was much more cheerful.”
Actress Michelle Williams returned to her role as Gail Harris. Who battles against Getty, her former father-in-law to save her son. Williams says she didn’t hesitate when Scott asked her to come back during the Thanksgiving holiday.“I said: ‘Yes, tell me when and where. I’m there. You got me”‘. She even worked for free to redo her scenes. What dedication!

Actor Mark Wahlberg also returned to play his role as a former CIA agent who works for Getty
When the call came. He had already lost 30 pounds and had grown a beard for another movie. He and Plummer did not have much time to get to know each other. “Basically we said hello as Ridley was saying, ‘rolling and action’ “.

This director nominated for an Oscar is famous for taking movies on time and below budget. It also helped the storyboard of the film. So they knew perfectly what scenes should be filmed again. Publisher Simpson says: “We were able to work very fast, very hard and achieve it. It was an almost military precision.”
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 On the way to the Oscar

The film had as original location Italy, Jordan and the United Kingdom. Having no time to return to Jordan, they began filming Plummer in front of a green screen and digitally replacing Spacey with Plummer. Other scenes were filmed in a place near London and Rome. Meanwhile, Simpson and his team edited the photos in London.
“After each scene, the camera department downloaded the camera data, sent them to us … and I cut the morning session that afternoon,” recalls Simpson. “Ridley would come to the cutting rooms after the filming of the day and really see the cut of the morning shoot. Basically, it was just a continuous flow of data.”

All the money in the world is making its way to the Oscars. Will they win the award? We have to give him merit due to all the changes he went through. Definitely a MUST this December. I don’t recommend missing this movie with this action plot!
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