Check Out Beyoncé’s Comeback Plans After Her ‘Maternity Leave’ Is Over

Reports Revealed That She’s Back In The Recording Studio

Beyoncé is getting ready for an anticipated comeback after bringing the twins to the world. Reports say the diva is quietly working on her musical comeback that is expected to be sooner than later.

Meanwhile, Queen Bey graced us this week with new ink in tribute tot he twins and her hubby. She also graced us with her amazing curvy post-maternity body.

Coming back sooner than later

Beyoncé’s fans have been eagerly awaiting a musical comeback since she gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter back in June.

News broke this week that the wait will soon be over. Bey is already preparing for her return to the spotlight.

Reports have revealed that she is back in the recording studio and is making her next album.

“Beyoncé is already raring to go when it comes to her music – her maternity leave is done and dusted,” a source close to the stars said.

“She is feeling so inspired by her new family, but don’t expect her new offerings to be gushing about motherhood.”

And according to the reports, fans of the singer won’t have to wait too long to hear her new music. She’s looking to surprise her loyal Beyhive with new tracks as soon as Christmas.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Beyoncé has released music without any prior promotion. She dropped her self-titled visual album in 2013, followed by a second surprise album in 2016 – ‘Lemonade‘ – which focused on the rumored infidelities of her husband Jay-Z.

But it seems like the mum-of-three wants to take her music in a different direction.

“She is determined to resurrect her alter ego Sasha Fierce in her new work – so it won’t be for the fainthearted,” the source added.

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The twins are amazing and doing fine

This week Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mom, opened up about the twins and delivered an update on the beloved babies to Us Weekly.

”They are amazing. They’re very young but they like to touch and they’re adorable and just beautiful and healthy and I’m just so happy,” Tina Knowles said.

The proud grandmother also shared an update on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, who Tina says is ”doing amazing”.

”She’s doing amazing! She’s a big sister and she feeds them and she’s excited. And she feels responsible for them being here because she prayed for them.”

The news comes after it was previously reported that the ‘Formation’ hitmaker had initially been worried Blue Ivy would ”feel left out” once the twins arrived, but was pleased when she proved to be an ”amazing” big sister.

”Beyoncé has been very busy with the newborns, but she’s also been able to relax a bit. It’s helped her that Blue has been such an amazing big sister,” another source said to the magazine.

”There was no need to worry because Blue is great. She takes her job as a big sister very seriously and helps out a lot.”

It was also previously reported that Beyoncé is ”full of energy” since becoming a mother of three.

”Beyonce is amazing, she is clocking hardly any sleep right now, but she’s full of energy and life!” the source said.

”I mean, obviously it helps that she and Jay-Z have nannies and a bunch of staff. She still really hands on and she’s breastfeeding, which means she’s hardly getting a break rest wise – but then, Beyonce has always functioned best on less sleep than most of us mere mortals!”

Queen Bey definitely is a goddess.

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Debuting new ink

The singer took to Instagram this week to share a photo that showed a new tattoo. Beyoncé now has three subtle dots on her ring finger, and fans are speculating it’s an ode to her children.

Because there are three dots, fans are pretty certain its a nod to Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi — one dot for each child. Beyonce didn’t leave a caption, so we can’t be sure, but it makes sense.

Twins Sir and Rumi were born in June, and we know that Beyoncé likes to commemorate her family in ink!

This isn’t the only tattoo change Beyoncé has made recently. Last week, Beyoncé transformed her fading IV tattoo, the Roman numeral for four.

After they were married, she and Jay Z got matching tattoos as an ode to their wedding day, April 4, 2008. In an Instagram post she shared, a close-up shot showed that she had turned it the “IV” into a “J” to support her husband.

The transition was notable because after the couple’s candid ball about infidelity and marital strife on their respective albums, ‘Lemonade’ and ‘4:44‘, fans were unclear about the future of the pair.

But it seems like all is well for the Knowles-Carter family. Beyoncé has mostly been laying low to care for her baby twins. She’s slowly but surely jumping back into the scene — with Jay Z.

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