DJ Khaled Drops New Track “Shining” With Jay Z and Beyoncé

Finally The Couple Is Reunited

The Grammys wasn’t the only thing that took us by surprise last Sunday. With many controversial acts, outfits and even with ways of receiving the awards. Since the man with the key to success, DJ Khaled, released a new song minutes after the 59th Grammy awards ceremony ended.

All of this just days after announcing that he is working on a very awaited new album. That as well will be released very soon and will be called “Grateful.” Not only the news of a new album and song have taken the internet by storm. Also, it features some incredible guest stars on the song.

The new song.

The song is called “Shining,” and the guest stars that it features are Beyonce and Jay-Z. As they have finally reunited in the musical world. Something that hasn’t happened since 2013. When the duo released and sang together “Drunk In Love,” which ironically won Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance back in the 57th Grammy Awards.

The song is the first taste of DJ Khaled’s new music. Also, is the first music that we have heard from both Beyonce and Jay-Z this year. As well the album “Grateful,” will feature with many more collaborations. Supposedly, some of them will be Mariah Carey and Chance the Rapper.

Musical facts.

The new song’s artwork from DJ Khaled will feature his newborn son Asahd Tuck Khaled. Also, it might be the cover of the album, since it doesn’t have an official artwork yet. In the song “Shining,” Beyonce does most of the singing but Jay-Z has the chance to rap some very controversial verses.

As many fans think that he takes the song to point out at Drake. As both rappers have been involved in several arguments over the years. Being the most recent dispute between both the cutting of Jay-Z from Drake’s latest album “Views.”

Fan luv #GRATEFUL for your luv ! So I named my new album #GRATEFUL 🙏🏽🔑🙏🏽

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