Is Blue Ivy’s Birthday And We Celebrate Her 10 Cutest Moments Here

Happy Birthday Blue, You Are The Cutest And Tiniest Diva.

Even before she was born, everyone was obsessed with her. Blue Ivy is already five years old and we can’t handle it. The little diva to be’s birthday was on Saturday and we wanted to take a moment to celebrate her.

Blue Ivy is just five and already has done things way cooler than what you’ve done, no wonder mom is so proud “Out of everything I’ve accomplished, my proudest moment, hands-down, was when I gave birth to my daughter, Blue,” shared Queen Bey for Garage Magazine last year. Let’s take a look at the fab life of this little girl.


10. When she was better than Kelly.

Beyonce, Jay-Z and little Blue Ivy dressed up for Halloween as Barbie, Ken and Kelly and she was even better than the original version.

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9. She is really good at costumes.

Her family dressed up as Salt N’ Peppa’s video “Push It” also for Halloween and again. she was amazing.

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8. When she was mini Beyonce.

Blue dressed just like her mother, she got the same jacket and I have to say they were pretty even, I don’t know who wore it better. Fashion Police, please help!

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7. Hanging out with Mariah Carey.

Blue and Bey do everything together, even if it means going to a Mariah’s Christmas performance and chill backstage with her children. No big deal, o course not.

Backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children. @beyonce 😘 #christmas #family #love

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6. When she had her name on a brand.

There’s an entire collection of sportswear called Ivy Park, of course, Beyonce’s idea.

@weareivypark AW16 collection.

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5. Going out with dad.

Although she has the girly connection with Beyonce, she has the nicest father, she looks so cute beside Jay-Z.

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4. On vacations with her family.

Here she is sharing a piece of her outfit with her mother. With a stunning view you could only get on a private yacht.

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3. Stylish in Paris.

Once again, matching her mom’s outfit, Blue Ivy walked around the city of lights looking glamorous.

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2. Attending the Super Bowl.

She wasn’t just there, she walked trough the field while her mom was performing. Now that’s awesome.


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1. Red carpet moment.

Once again Blue Ivy proved she’s just as stylish as mom attending a red carpet with her in a similar dress.

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 Happy Birthday, Blue Ivy!



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