Marvel Let’s Us Take A Peek At The Avengers: Infinity War

2018 Here We Go

The Marvel universe is one of the biggest there is. Not only because of the diverse story lines and superheroes, also like a franchise they’re huge. Now they’ve become bigger because Disney bought it, so you can only expect them to grow even more.

Also, Marvel is not only a powerhouse. They’re a dream factory as well. Since they have feed our minds and imagination since we were little with all the stories about superheroes.

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The movie to end it all.

In recent years the franchise has grown and explored luck on the silver screen. Something they’ve done very successfully. Due to the large fan base, Marvel already had and because pretty much the movies were awesome.

But after many years of incredible fighting scenes, kick ass explosions and intense stories there is a movie that supposedly finishes it all. The “Infinity Wars,” as Marvel has released a trailer with the first scenes of the movie and its recording.

Expecting the war.

The trailer of “Avengers: Infinity Wars” not only shows us some behind the scenes footage from the first couple weeks of filming in Atlanta. But it also shows us that there will be some new heroes fighting along with the Avengers.

It provides some clues of what’s going on in the Marvel world and what we should expect from the story. All of this as we watch Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) on set talking about what they expect from the movie.

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Walk through the galaxy.

Also, we have the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, leading us through what’s happening. As he explains the audience how all the previously Marvel stories end up linking to the Infinity Wars movie. Besides telling us, through cast and director how they’ve left hints in all the other films.

Since Feige explains to us how the purpose of “Captain America: Civil War” was to tear the Avengers team apart to then be forced to be reunited in this movie. Due to a very serious menace: Thanos. As he promises us that Thanos will be the biggest, badest, meanest and most brutal enemy the heroes of Marvel have ever faced.

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The hint.

Finally, Feige leaves us with the hint that “Avengers: Infinity War” will be “an event like no one has ever seen.” Along with this directors, Anthony and Joe Russo tell us a bit of the story of the film.

Since Tony Stark feels this greater threat coming and how he is doing everything he cans to keep the earth safe. Despite being alone. Then we see some pretty cool concept art pieces and sketches showing us that the characters from “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” will surely feature in the movie. The movie will be released May 4th of 2018.

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