Van Gogh Action Figure With A Detachable Ear Is A Perfect Valentine Gift For Art Lovers

It’s Worth Every Penny

The guys from Today Is Art Day have an awesome mission of taking art and its history to the people. They try to do it in a more fun, modern and attractive way to a wider audience. These guys have also built, for the past 2 years, an incredible community of more than 58,000 art enthusiasts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

So the crew from Today Is Art Day have created the perfect gift for any fan of art. An adorable Vincent Van Gogh action figure that is totally worth whatever they’re asking for.

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Vincent Van Gogh.

For any art fan or anyone who loves beauty, Vincent Van Gogh is a key figure. Not only to be admired but also to be delighted for. Since he is/was one of the most influential artists of all times.

Something the Dutch artist achieves by creating truly beautiful paintings. Creating a delightful mix between colors, landscapes, and sensitivity. But the beauty of Van Gogh is now being redirected towards his figure, and the guys from Today Is Art Day have generated their own amazing artistic beauty in this toy.

Today is definitely Art Day.

The amazing action figure developed by Today Is Art Day is not only incredibly adorable and pretty. It’s also an amazing new approach in their initiative of making art more fun, interesting and involved in daily life.

As the action figure not only is appealing. But it also makes the gift of art a more daily thing. Since this can be gifted to any art, toys, history or simply beauty fan. Achieving the objective of the guys from Today Is Art Day.

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The action figure.

The only fact that Van Gogh has an action figure is something that many have never expected to hear. But we are really glad that it exists, especially in this adorable way. The figure is made out of PVC and is 5 inches tall.

Furthermore, it has a paint brush, a lovely sunflower in his jacket and, the most interesting and probably asked for feature, removable ears. Even though he only cut off his left ear. All wrapped off in a beautiful color and designed figure.

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Art history.

Also in the amazing features, you can get with the amazing figure it’s the box in which the toy comes. Since it includes some of the most known paintings of the Dutch painter, for you to cut off and display.

The box includes 10 fun facts from Van Gogh’s life and art. So you will also be smarter and know more about the artist you have acquired. Again, making the mission of the guys from Today Is Art Day closer of being achieved.

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Kickstart it.

The series of the action figure from Van Gogh is the first series of artist that Today Is Art Day has released. But obviously, they hope to release new series featuring different artists. Something we really really hope they do.

You can get the Vincent Van Gogh action figure for U.S. $21. Although, you can get a series of packs that they include in their Kickstarter. For you to choose how many want to give them or get from them. Also, you should check Today Is Art Day’s social networks they’re pretty cool.

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