John Mayer Music Video Shows Us That Memes DO Come True


The American singer-songwriter released the video for New Light a couple of weeks ago, and it should be the meme of the year.

It’s only been one year since John Mayer made us cry big fat ugly tears while dancing with his seventh studio album The Search for Everything, with tunes such as Still Feel Like Your Man, Emoji of a Wave, Changing, Rosie, and Never on the Day You Leave. A

And still decided it was time to come back

He gave us a new song and a new sound (again): New Light.

Lately, Mayer has shown us that he is more than just a talented artist, but he’s, in fact, a very funny guy, with a peculiar sense of humor. That’s easy to notice if you follow him on Instagram, especially his Stories, where he’s always joking around, and even made a smokey eye make up tutorial (of course, it was hilarious).

John Mayer
Via Spin

John Mayer made a statement with his latest music video

New Light is a very cool, danceable song and it needed a great music video. Instead, “John Mayor” (as addressed in the video) made a perfect low budget meme out of it. It’s him dancing and acting awkwardly in front of a green screen… AND IT’S OUR FAVORITE. It’s not only hilarious but, indeed, genius “Premium Content”!

As he said on Twitter:

I don’t know about you, but I think we all know the real reason why he made this: because having a meme as a music video is a dream come true! And maybe just to make fun of the way the music industry works.

We still know absolutely nothing about this next album, but with this new 80s wave, we’re so ready for it!

But for now, we’ll leave the video over here. Go ahead and watch it if you haven’t, promise you’ll end up laughing; and if you’ve watched it already, then re-watch it:


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